What is a Bedside Commode (BSC) and How Do You Clean It?

What is a Bedside Commode (BSC) and How Do You Clean It?

A bedside commode is typically a mobile toilet that can be used by patients who can get out of bed. It has a removable bucket, rails on both sides, and adjustable legs. Patients hold onto the rails for support. The bedside commode should be placed as close as possible to the patient’s bed or chair.

The bedside commode should be placed against the bed so that the patient can reach it easily. This will make things for weak patients who cannot walk long distances without getting dizzy. Ask the patient the exact place where they’d like you to put it. Find out if they would rather you put it on the left or right side or if they prefer it facing the head or the foot of the bed.

Another factor that you have to put into consideration when placing the bedside commode is whether the patient has an IV or nasal cannula. Make sure that the tubing to enable them to reach the commode.

Emptying and Cleaning a Bedside Commode

If you would like to remove the bucket, take it out by sliding it sideways from underneath the seat. To empty the bucket, dump the contents in the toilet and clean it using high-pressure water from a nozzle. Start out with low-pressure water and work your way up.

An average bucket can fit in a standard shower stall for cleaning purposes. Urine is easy to wash out. However, if the patient had a bowel movement, you will need a piece of cloth to clean out any smudge.

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Here are some tips for cleaning a bedside commode:

  1. Put on a pair of gloves before you start handling the commode
  2. Be extra careful when spraying the bucket so that the contents do not splash on you. Face it away from you as you clean.
  3. Use a disinfectant and a little vinegar (about ½ a cup) to clean the commode.
  4. A small scrubbing brush will make cleaning the surface very easy
  5. Once the commode is clean, use a dry towel to wipe it.

Do patients need privacy as they use the bedside commode?

Do not leave the patient alone if they are confused or have dementia. If the patient is drowsy, they need help walking to the commode and sitting on it. However, when the patients insist on privacy, do not go very far; stand right behind the door and listen in case they need any help.

Provide a piece of toilet paper if the patients can do the wiping by themselves. If they can’t do it, help them once they’re done using the commode.

Can a bedside commode be used for any other purpose?

A bedside commode can also be used as an elevated toilet seat and as a shower chair. When used as an elevated toilet, it reduces the distance that the patient has to squat and also provides the rails that he/she can hold on to.

To use the commode for any other reason other than as a toilet, you need to take out the bucket first.

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