Make Smart Haldi Ceremony Decisions for a Smooth Wedding

Make Smart Haldi Ceremony Decisions for a Smooth Wedding

Haldi is the ceremony of blessings. Yellow is the colour of joy. Haldi function ideas for a happy bride should be all happy and colourful. It is not just about the turmeric smearing. The bride and groom are soon to get married and this is their last day as a bachelor and bachelorette. The haldi ceremony decorations need to be on point even if the wedding is just around the corner. You might be busy fixing banquet halls for wedding, catering, and entertainment ideas, but enjoying pre wedding functions is equally important as these will add up to your happiness.


You have to make the haldi ceremony fun for everybody but that does not mean you can cut short on the rituals. This is the last pre wedding ritual. So it is important. The trouble is, the bride has to wait for the groom to be done in this case. And the groom’s family has a lot of things to do this morning. The ritual is elaborate. But everything has to move in time.

The wedding gifts for the bride need to be all packed and ready. The holy water for the bath after haldi must be ready by morning. The turmeric paste has to be abundant enough for the groom and the bride, in case it is the same haldi that has to be used.

If it is an individual haldi ceremony that can take place simultaneously at the bride’s home and the groom’s home, the time constraint is lower. But in cases where the bride has to wait for the groom, like in Bengali weddings, the groom’s family has to be very punctual so that they don’t keep the bride’s family waiting.

The gifts (tattwa in Bengali weddings) and the haldi in the silver bowl needs to reach the bride in time and the bride too has to be ready in her haldi attire for the rituals. The rest of the morning has to have some fun and refreshments though the bride very soon has to start getting ready for the evening.


It is sad that the haldi ceremony has to be rushed. Girls love playing with the turmeric and smearing each other in colour. But the less that happens the better. The ritual originally meant to give a glow to the bride’s skin. But now, there are enough ways to do that and the haldi only puts yellow patches on her skin. So, focus the celebrations on some other haldi dress ideas.

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For the hall decorations, if you have a venue booked, get the venue management to decorate the place. If you want to decorate it yourself, or if it is a ceremony at home, get lots of yellow drapes and complement them with red, blue, orange, and white drapes. Use them like curtains on the walls. Use some of them to make a canopy under which the haldi ceremony will take place.

Get the haldi ceremony decorations ready the night before so that you are not too tired to work the entire wedding eve. Arrange for refreshments beforehand. Don’t go for anything too elaborate. Keep a playlist of peppy fun songs and happy wedding songs to play during the ceremony. Keep the music low during the rituals though.

Make sure everybody has something to drink and eat. Now, others might give you a whole list of things to do during a haldi ceremony. But it is actually wise to not make too elaborate plans for the morning of the wedding. The bride needs to start getting ready at least five hours before the wedding. So, if you have planned some elaborate games and all, she will get late. That does not mean you make no plans at all. But keep them simple like, a video montage of all things colourful in the bride’s life.

Keep a photo booth for haldi photography sessions with all the maids. If you keep a photo booth for all the photography time, the girls will waste less time on selfies. When they get some amazing haldi photographs, they will be satisfied. You can then ask them not to waste further time and proceed with the preparations for the evening.

Club the Preparations

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The bride will need her parlour session. Start this off at the end of the haldi rituals. Get her to take a shower right after the holy bath. Make sure the photo sessions are over by then. Then declare a fake “Parlour game” and get the girls ready to start with their manicures and hair already. Before they know it, the bridal preparation would have started.

Also, it is good if you keep two different venues for the haldi and the wedding. Two separate halls, and not entirely different locations. The people assigned the job of decorating the wedding hall need to make sure nobody else enters to disrupt the place. The haldi ceremony decorations can slow down the wedding ceremony decorations if it is in the same hall. The two events, though held on the same day, need totally different decorations. Haldi for me is about yellows and some colours fit for mornings like blue and green. The wedding on the other hand needs a lot of red, pink, golden, and fresh flowers. So, you see how important it is to make sure the venue isn’t the same room.

Let the haldi photography sessions blend into the bride’s green room photography sessions. Before you know it, the haldi ceremony morning will turn into the wedding evening. The groom too must not slack. His parlour job needs to be done the day before. After the haldi, he needs to start getting ready too. This is the time to double check everything necessary for the rituals. This is the time for the bride and the groom’s friends to prepare the bride for the day and implement the ideas for groom entry. After the haldi, let the bride and groom worry about nothing but getting ready to look flawless.

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