Should You Get an Eye Exams for a Sty?

Should You Get an Eye Exams for a Sty?

A sty (also stye) is a small red bump close to the edge of the eyelid. It resembles an acne pimple and can be very painful. It is not usually serious but can cause discomfort. It is also easy to treat and commonly appears in children. A sty is usually characterized by pain, swelling, and redness. Other signs and symptoms include discharge from and tearing of the eye, crusting on the eyelid, and scratchy feeling inside the eye. Here’s when to visit the doctor for a sty.

Your sty is getting worse

While many cases of sty usually go away in a few days without requiring treatment, some progress and get worse instead. If your sty is not getting smaller and disappearing in 2-5 days, it’s probably time for eye exam Colorado springs. So, if it doesn’t get better after a while or continues to get worse over time, you may want to schedule an appointment with your optometrist to diagnose and treat the underlying problem.

Antibiotics do not work

If your health provider has prescribed some antibiotics to help clear up the sty but this has not worked, you need to consider visiting an eye doctor for further eye tests. Usually, antibiotics can clear up a sty in 3-7 days. A stye that lasts for more than a week requires immediate medical attention to determine the underlying problem.

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Your eye, not just the eyelid, is painful

Having a small bump on your eyelid can cause the eyelid to hurt a lot. However, if the pain goes beyond the eyelid to hurt the eye, then there could be a more serious eye problem you need to worry about. See your eye doctor as soon as the pain extends from your eyelid to eyes to have a comprehensive eye exam and determine whether a more serious eye problem could be developing.

You have trouble seeing well

Not being able to see properly when you have a sty may indicate another eye problem besides the small bump on your eyelid. Blurry vision and other eye problems that interfere with your vision may be because you have an eye condition or disease. Book an appointment with your eye doctor if your sty suddenly means you can’t see things well. Sometimes the eyelid gets so much swollen that it constantly pressed against the eye, preventing you from seeing clearly

Red, swollen eyelids that won’t open completely

Another reason to see an eye doctor is red, swollen eyelids that fail to open completely. While swollen eyelids may prevent you from seeing the way you normally would, you should be concerned when they won’t open completely.

Recurring cases of sty

A sty is harmless and you can live with it for a few days without worrying too much. However, if you keep getting a sty every few weeks or months, then you seriously need to consider taking a trip to the eye doctor’s office to find out what could be the problem. Perhaps a comprehensive eye exam could help to reveal the cause of your troubles.

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A sty is a small, swollen bump along the edge of the eyelid and is usually harmless. In most cases, you don’t have to worry about a sty because it will go away on its own in a few days. However, if you have a sty and experience any of the listed problems, consider visiting an eye doctor for a thorough eye exam.

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