Making Brands Happen was born out of a great need we saw for creative business owners (or people that just have a big dream!) to have powerful tools to bring their dreams to life. We build powerful, authentic brands from the ground up by developing unforgettable client experiences through strategic business consulting and polished, beautiful design. We help you make YOU happen. We don't just build beautiful brands; we help craft companies that have a heartbeat. We don't just make logos; we create legacy. 

Working with us, you can expect to be challenged. Through the last five years working with thousands of creatives through Making Things Happen (the workshop we do around the country to help others make their dreams happen), we’ve seen a powerful formula for lasting success emerge. We don’t just look at your business structure, we help you make what matters happen. From goal setting to clearing the clutter in your life and learning how to set yourself up for success, we help you succeed with longevity and great contentment. Our goal is to help our clients cultivate rich lives focused on what matters and build businesses that hardness all of the talents God has blessed them with. Our goal is to help you realize your fullest potential! 

Each Making Brands Happen experience is fully customized to meet the specific needs of each individual client.  To preserve the quality of our time with each client, we only accept a small amount of bookings each month. In order to bring each brand to life in the most powerful way, we take great care to ensure we are the perfect match for each of our clients. A perfect match creates fireworks! For details on each of our three Tiers of service -- ranging from $6,000 to $10,000 -- and to check availability, simply tell us more about yourself here. We look forward to getting to know you more and helping you take things to the next level! 

In celebration,