How To Be A Prudent Buyer When Buying Secondhand Shoes

How To Be A Prudent Buyer When Buying Secondhand Shoes

Secondhand goods, be they shoes, clothes, or other accessories, are in vogue for all the right reasons. Today, used items have great resale value, so joining any part of the secondhand goods supply chain, whether upcycling or recycling, is quite useful. Much like the market for bulk industrial rags, which offers a variety of repurposing opportunities, the secondhand market provides a sustainable option.

While there are many brick-and-mortar stores and online shops selling secondhand shoes and clothes, it’s important to note that not everything up for sale is of great quality, similar to the varied quality found in bulk industrial rags.


3 Tips For Buying Secondhand Shoes

As a prudent buyer, you should always be cautious to ensure you get complete value for your money. Here are some tips you must remember the next time you buy from a secondhand shoes wholesale store.

Keep A Tab On The Quality

When you visit a secondhand goods market, you will get all sorts of stuff, from things that look almost brand new to those with big holes and tears. A reputable wholesale shop that sells old shoes by the kilos will provide good quality products. Most wholesalers sort the shoes before they are packed and weighed for sale to customers. But if you pick up assorted items from a garage sale or a thrift store, you have to be careful with what you pick up.

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Check the shoes’ soles because a shoe with very thin or slightly damaged soles will most likely cause your feet to ache. You should also check the condition of the heels. High heels can break off easily, and you do not want to waste money on a shoe you can hardly wear for one or two occasions.

Also, when buying shoes, you must insist on wearing them to check if they are comfortable. Try walking around after wearing the shoe and see if the fit and comfort level are right.

Be Realistic When Buying Second Hand Stuff

Secondhand stuff, be it shoes or clothes, is way more affordable than its first-hand counterparts. You may be able to afford a first copy of the bright pink stiletto that your favorite pop star wore. However, just because you can afford a shoe does not mean that you should buy it. There is no point in purchasing a heel or a boot just to add them to your shoe rack. So be realistic when buying from a secondhand shoe store; buy only what you need.

Be Specific About The Product You Are Looking For

If you want to get exactly what you are looking for, know the exact name of the shoe you are looking for. A kitten heel is different from a platform heel or the iconic stiletto heels. So, when you are visiting a thrift shop and looking for a specific product, make sure you use the right name to get the maximum value for your money.


Buying secondhand items has become easier with their availability in online stores. However, it does not matter from where you buy your shoes. Buy them only if you need them, and they are of good quality and comfortable to wear.

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