How to Clean Home Air Ducts (No Professionals Needed) in Marion NC

How to Clean Home Air Ducts (No Professionals Needed) in Marion NC

Cleaning air ducts at your place is an important task. Many items, including dust, pollen, spider webs, and even molds, can be found within the vents. Contamination in your air ducts, such as mold or dust, could harm you and your family.

Unfortunately, hiring a professional to clean the air ducts can be quite costly. But are you capable of doing it on your own? You certainly can, and it isn’t as complicated as it may appear. So read on to learn duct cleaning Marion NC using the tips given below.

How to Clean Ducts Yourself

You can clean your air ducts yourself if you don’t want to pay a professional by following the below-listed ways.

Assemble your equipment.

You’ll need a few specific tools to clean all of the components in your air ducts correctly.

Vacuum: Make sure it comes with a hose and nozzle attachment so you can get deeper into your ducts.

Brush: A broad paintbrush or a toilet brush will help.

Screwdriver: It will help in removing the vents that cover your pipes.

Paper Towels: While cleaning, you’ll use these to clean escaping dust and cover other supply registers thoroughly.

Air Filter: After you’ve completed the task, it’s a good idea to change your air filter to a new one.

Turn off the power.

Always cut off the electricity to the linked air conditioning and heating equipment before proceeding. It will stop any potential electrocutions or accidents.

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Remove vent covers and wash them.

With your screwdriver, remove the vent covers. You can clean them by putting them in the dishwasher or just rinsing them by hand. Set them aside to dry.

Prepare the Drill

Use a drill with a brush to remove dirt, dust, spider webs, and perhaps mold. Locate and open the register, which you can find on the floor or the wall.

Grab your drill brush and press it into the duct once you’ve opened the register. You don’t want to lose the brush in the ducts, so ensure it’s properly attached.

Switch on the drill and swirl the brush inside the ducts. Slowly draw the drill back while it is running. It will also clean the duct’s walls. To avoid dust blowing everywhere, switch off the drill once the brush is about 2 feet from the opening.

Vacuum it up

We need to remove all loose dirt once the drill brush is out of the duct. Please take your vacuum and connect a dust brush to the hose, ensuring it’s firmly attached.

Insert that into the duct and vacuum up all of the loose debris. You may have to rent a heavy-duty vacuum if you don’t have one. It will keep dust out of the ducts while you clean them.

The hose needs to be long enough to reach deep into the ducts. Mold, mildew, dust, debris, or spiderwebs may be hiding deep within, which is the only way to get to them.

Repeat the process

Repeat the same with the remaining ducts if you have more than one. You can also use this time to inspect any air filters installed. Although these may typically be vacuumed, if they’re filthy, you should replace them.

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Closing Up

Replace the register and secure it once you’re done. If you’ve cleaned the grill, ensure it’s dry before reinstalling it. Check the vents after turning the power back on. There may be some loose dust, but it should disperse fast.

Final Thoughts

Clean your home’s air ducts at least twice a year by following these procedures. You’ll have cleaner interior air if you clean those ducts and see a dust-free room. It will also help your heating and cooling systems run more efficiently and save expenses on your electric bills.

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