Dog Anxiety Treatment: 10 Tips To Calm a Dog Down

Dog Anxiety Treatment: 10 Tips To Calm a Dog Down

If you suffer from anxiety you know how difficult the low moments can be. Imagine if you didn’t have an easy way to express yourself. Imagine if you didn’t have the words to articulate yourself and what was going on in your brain.

Anxiety is not a condition that only takes place in humans. It is also a trait that affects our best mates too. A dog anxiety treatment may be necessary.

If you have a pet who is showing signs of anxiety there are several things you can do. Here are a few suggestions on how to handle your pet’s anxiety treatment.

1. Coats That Calm

One of the most common ways to treat your pet’s anxiety is by putting a calming coat on them. The coat hugs your dog tight and applies pressure to let them know they are alright. Calming coats for dogs are a lot like weighted blankets for people.

The calming coat should keep your pet reassured for short amounts of time. These coats work great during thunderstorms or even the time of year when fireworks are most popular. Many dogs can find anxiety triggers in loud sounds.

2. Contact Is Comforting

Sometimes all your dog needs are their best friend. Spend some time comforting your dog. Attention goes a long way to ease that anxiety and those nerves.

When you spend time comforting and petting your dog, you reassure them that everything is alright. Try speaking in a calm and even tone. This may be all your pet needs to feel like they’re protected.

Pets are a lot like humans in this way. It goes a long way to remind them that everything is going to be alright.

3. Massages Aren’t Just for Humans

Humans find comfort in being able to relax during a massage. Your bet may benefit from the same type of offered comforts.

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Massages give your pet the chance to work out those tight muscles. Your dog may be tensing up during times of feeling anxiety. A massage is a great way to calm a dog down.

4. Exercise Relaxes the Brain

Daily walks are important for your dog for many reasons. One of those reasons is to reduce their anxiety. Exercise gives your dog a chance to burn off some of that energy and absorb the fresh air.

The walks don’t have to be very long. This is all about getting your dog walking and comfortable again. Walks are a great source of allowing your pet to be free from anything that may be stimulating their anxiety.

5. Music Works for Animals Too

You’ve probably never noticed that there are playlists on youtube full of songs for dogs. Much like humans, dogs are also affected by the music that is played.

You may find that your dog calms down to certain sounds and types of music. Music therapy is just as applicable for your dogs as it is for your mind. If your dog is anxious, try turning on a playlist for them.

Music can have a beneficial effect on anxiety. This could be the right step for your dog.

6. Alternative Medicine Options

You may not know that CBD can also be taken for dog anxiety. CBD has known properties to help ease even the most difficult of situations.

Contact your vet before giving your favorite pooch these types of remedies. They will be able to best assist in how much your dog should be given and what should not be exceeded.

CBD for your pet can come in several different forms. The best CBD dog treats can be found here. Pets who love treats won’t hesitate to take these.

7. Take Time Away

What your pet may benefit from is a little bit of separation. Time outs give your animals a chance to unwind without overstimulation.

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Bringing your pets into a quiet room away from people may ease their stress levels. Your dog may be overwhelmed by sounds or people. A quiet room could be just what your animal needs to regroup and breathe.

8. An Aroma Defuser

Not all defusers are pet friendly.

Some defusers do offer pet-friendly aromatherapy that your pet will benefit from. These scents will give your pet a comforting aroma to relax their brains. Certain scents have been shown to reduce anxiety and stress in people as well as animals.

9. Toys That Distract

A little bit of distraction could go a long way for your dog. This could include giving them toys that keep their minds occupied. Certain toys can be used to hide treats in and keep your dog preoccupied for a little while.

Your dog’s anxious mind will find a distraction when they are searching for their treat instead of worrying.

10. Keep Things as Consistent as Possible

One of the best things you can do for pet anxiety is to keep a routine regular. Your dog likes consistency, especially when they’re feeling anxious. Just like humans, a set schedule and routine make them feel comfortable.

Pets learn routines as well as their humans do. If you stick to being consistent with your pet they know what to look for. Your pet may even learn to remind you of their set routine as you continue to settle into it.

Dog Anxiety Treatment Is Always an Option

Helping your pet with dog anxiety treatment is one of the best choices you can make. Anxiety in dogs can affect their moods and temperament. Look for those dog anxiety symptoms and make a difference in your pet’s life.

Soothe your anxious dog with one of these anxiety remedies. It may take a couple of different tries to find what works best for your pup.

Looking for more advice on taking care of your pets? Our articles have covered several different topics. Take a look through for more help with your questions today.

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