5 Awesome Things That Make Your Home More Techy

5 Awesome Things That Make Your Home More Techy

Approximately twenty-five percent of employees in the United States work from home. So, many adults spend most of their time at home without the need to go to the office.

Thus, it’s no surprise that many people who work from home spend their extra cash on home tech products that make everyday life easier and more eco-friendly.

Would you like a more techy home? If so, keep reading as we share some of the best products to use in your smart home!

1. Smart Air Quality Sensors

If you’re spending more time inside, you’ll want to take steps to monitor your indoor air quality. One reason is that the concentration of pollutants can be higher inside since there is a lack of airflow.

Thankfully, smart sensors can alert you whenever pollution levels are high in your home and help you act quickly to prevent health problems. This technology is especially beneficial for detecting odorless and colorless pollutants, such as carbon monoxide.

If the sensor determines the air quality is unhealthy, it will sound an alarm on your phone so that you can open the window or take other safety measures.

2. Robotic Vacuums

After a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is chores, especially vacuuming. That’s why many people purchase a robotic vacuum that makes keeping a clean house much easier.

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Most robotic vacuums are on a timer and use sensors to avoid bumping into your furniture or falling down the stairs. And, some models even have a mop feature!

3. Solar Panels

One of the best ways to make your home smarter is installing solar panels. You’ll save money on electricity and have the satisfaction that comes with living a greener life.

Plus, most states offer rebates and incentives for installing solar panels at home, making them much more affordable. So, if you’d like to learn about solar installation, contact a local company.

4. Smart Lightbulbs

If you want to save energy, smart LED bulbs are a great choice. They connect to an app or home assistant on your phone, so you can control your lights without using wall switches.

Another benefit of these smart lightbulbs is that you can program them to turn on and off automatically or change the color according to the time of day.

5. Video Doorbell

Many people are replacing their outdated doorbells to improve their home’s security. These devices let you see who is at your front door and alert you when they detect movement. And, you can speak to those who come to the door using your phone or tablet.

Get a Techy Home with the Help of These Products!

There are dozens of products that can convert your outdated home into a smart one! But, before you purchase products, be sure to research them and make sure they’ll improve your lifestyle.

Would you like to learn more about technological advances that can help you have a techy home? If so, browse more posts for homeowners on our blog!

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