How to Make Epoxy Resin Art: A Guide

How to Make Epoxy Resin Art: A Guide

Roughly half of the United States population participates in some type of artistic activity. If you are an artist or want to try a new art medium you need to check out epoxy resin art. Epoxy resin is a versatile art tool.

With it, you can craft all sorts of fun arts and crafts that highlight your artistic abilities. From molded projects like statues to avant-garde epoxy drip art, you can use epoxy resin to craft a ton of different art projects.

If you are curious about this versatile art medium check out this handy guide. Here we discuss how you can use epoxy to craft art masterpieces and let your creative spark shine through.

Choose Your Type Of Epoxy Resin Art

You have a lot of different options when it comes to your final product for your resin art. Here are some fun projects you can try your hand at.

Epoxy Drip Art

You can drip your epoxy into a variety of different forms and let it dry in interesting patterns. You can use drip art to add artistic flair to furniture or make a standalone piece through layering.

There are all sorts of different things you can make using drip art. You can craft a giant statue or a small drip art wall hanger. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Epoxy Resin Mold Pieces

You can mold epoxy resin into any conceivable form. From small figurines to large functional items like tables and chairs. All you need is the proper epoxy resin molds and an epoxy resin kit.

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Epoxy Inlets

If you have a piece of wood or a wooden object you can fill it with tasteful epoxy inlets. Design patterns such as swirls or engraved letters can take your epoxy inlets to the next level.

Epoxy Varnishes

You can use epoxy as a varnish on things such as furniture. Doing so provides an interesting and durable design feature. Experiment with different colors and types of epoxy to make unique results and craft your artistic style.

Choose Your Color Pigments

Before mixing your epoxy resin you should choose what color pigments you wish to use. Clear epoxy resin is the most common and affordable type for art. You can buy pre-pigmented epoxy resin as well.

Put your color pigments aside in separate containers, one for each color. When you mix your epoxy resin you can add some color pigment to each batch for a uniquely colored batch of resin.

Mix Your Resin

Now that you have chosen your project and the colors you will use, it is time to mix your resin. The difference between epoxy vs resin of other materials is that it comes in two separate bottles.

One holds the resin itself and the other holds a catalyst or hardener. When you mix the two you need to act fast to create your art masterpiece before the epoxy dries. Create your art and step back and wait for it to harden.

Test Your Artistic Abilities

Epoxy resin art is a great medium for you to experiment with as an evolving artist. Test your artistic abilities and see what interesting products you can create with epoxy resin.

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Use the information in this guide to try your hand at epoxy resin art. For all of your other vital lifestyle information check out the rest of our website. It is full of other content that will intrigue and entertain you.

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