A Complete Checklist while Shifting in a New House

A Complete Checklist while Shifting in a New House

There are so many things in general that are considered to be very important and major when a person is moving or shifting in a new house. Generally, people only consider to pack the things and stuff from the old house in boxes and unpack the same in the new house and arrange them in a way that the whole house should look beautiful and attractive to the guests coming in. However, these are not the only things while shifting a house but in fact there are so many other things as well that require some special attention such as understanding the new house, learning more about your new neighbourhood, etc. can make a big difference seriously. 

Packing as well as unpacking the house stuff can also be done with the help of the Removal companies. Yes, you read it right! There are so many experienced and trusted removal companies in the world who help the people in packing and moving their house stuff from the old house to their new house. Therefore, these companies are also known as packers and movers companies. These companies pack the whole stuff first of all, then safely and reliably move it to your new house, help in unpacking the things and some of the companies help in arranging the things in the new house as well. 

Therefore, we say that packing and unpacking are not the only things to be considered. In fact, there are many more things to be taken care of. Some of these things or activities are mentioned below in this article. Keep reading!

Here are a few of the major things to be done while shifting to the new house:

  1. Check the new house completely before shifting in it

Taking a proper round in order to look and ensure that the house is proper and good to settle in. A person must take a visit to the new house when it is completely empty (before shifting the house stuff there) and should check the following things there.

  •  Is there any place in the house that might require the repairing.
  • The walls and other stuff which you have bought from the previous owner are there or not.
  • All the switches, fans, lights, fittings and fixtures, etc, are properly working or not.
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If there is anything that you found is not working properly or is defective and it is in the sale contract then you can ask the previous owner to get the same repaired. On the other hand, if you find something that is not in the sale contract you have to repair it on your own. The third possibility is that everything will be just perfect, if this is the case then starting shifting. 

  1. If you have a pet animal then all the related things separately in advance

We all know that pet animals are no different from small kids. Therefore, taking all the necessary things with yourself septraly in a different box will be better. Things like their clothes, their food, their cleaning products, etc. 

  1. Figure the destination place of the things in advance

Yes, doing it will be actually very helpful. Figuring out in advance that, which thing will be best fitted where in the new house will be actually very helpful for you in order to arrange your new house in a better way. For example, instruct the removal companies or the packing and moving help companies in advance that, this particular furniture will go in this room, this house stuff will go in that room, etc. By following this approach your efforts will be less and the shifting work will be done very simply as well as conveniently. 

  1. Set up the necessary things on top 

Necessary things such as electric gas, drinking and bathing water, heaters (if required), coolers (if required), phone and its charger, internet connection or the wifi, food items, etc. these things should be set up by you in advance, which means before shifting in the new house these things should be there in the house. So, that you will not face any kind of problem in living there in the initial few days.  

  1. Clean the whole house 
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Many people wait for the time when all of the things and stuff are properly arranged and completely set up to clean the house. But that’s the wrong way i guess, because cleaning should be the first task when a person is moved up in the new house. 

So, just wear your gloves, take the broom and clothes and start cleaning. Or there is one other way round as well, and that is hire a professional worker for the same. That professional worker will do all these things for you. You just have to sit, guide, monitor, and relax. 

  1. Change locks of each of the door

Changing the locks for each of the doors in your new house and especially the main door of the house is very important and necessary. Because, the previous owner might have the keys for the locks of your house. It has been very rightly said that prevention is better than cure, therefore changing the locks of the doors is much better than bothering because of it in the future. Trust me! Changing the locks will give you the peace of mind. 

  1. Change the address in important documents

Address is a very important and sensitive information. Therefore, keeping it right in the important documents such as bank passbooks, national identity, and official documents is very important. This can also be done after some time but it is also an important thing to be taken care of.

  1. Learn more about your new neighbourhood

Understanding and meeting with your new neighbours is also very important because they will now be your new family in your new house. Therefore, meeting them, making good relations with them is also important. It is good for the future.

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