How fire and smoke damage your home after a fire

How fire and smoke damage your home after a fire

According to National Fire Department Association, U.S Fire Department responds to fire incidents every 24 seconds. A home fire was reported every 93 seconds and a death every 3 hours and 10 minutes. Fire incidents are very devastating as they cause massive damage to the property. Let’s see how fire and smoke damage your home after a fire.

Such damages are permanent, and they require restoration from scratch. Fire accident produces smoke and soot particles as well, which stick to the things around. Although fire and smoke damage destroy everything that comes in the way, depending on the fire’s severity, we can save some things.

Thus, thorough analyses need to be done to identify which salvageable things are not. Here is a list of things that may destroy in fire:

1) Curtains and Upholstery

Your curtains and upholstery may catch fire in case of fire. Smoke can also damage them. They may become yellow. You can use alkaline agents to treat the curtains.

Keep in mind that you should never use a vacuum cleaner to clean the curtains as the soot particles produced by the fire may spread over them. The cleaner agent may often not work, and you may need specific tools and equipment to remove the smoke from the curtains.

You should call a fire and smoke damage restoration company as they can resolve the problem for you.

2) Carpets

Carpet and rug occupy a large part of your house. Smoke and fire damage can affect them badly. Mats are usually made of synthetic material, and thus, they can develop permanent stains.

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There are chances of saving your carpet and rugs only if they are not damaged by heat, water, or any other chemical agent used in the extinguishing process.

You should clean the carpet as soon as possible. Otherwise, it becomes tough to remove the stains from the carpet.

3) Furniture in your house

Usually, the furniture is made of wood and cloth. They both can suffer from massive damage from fire and smoke. Your furniture can develop stains and spots, which can become permanent if you do not use the correct stain removal agent.

If your furniture has metal, it may even rust if the proper stain removal is not applied. Different type of wood requires other method and tools to remove the stains. You can hire a professional fire and smoke damage restoration company. They possess the right skill set and experience about the products which are suitable for your furniture.

4) Clothing

The soot particle developed in a fire can also harm your clothes. The soot particle can stick to any fabric, and thus, if these clothes are not taken care of properly, they may damage your cloth.

Cloths have varied fabrics, and thus, material-specific cleaning agents must be used to remove the soot particles. Do not directly put your material in the washing machine without removing stains as the stain may spread, and the smell may even pertain to it for a long duration.

These particles can cause allergies and reactions to your skin. Keep in mind that stain and spot removal is of utmost importance. Instead of washing your cloth, you should give your material to a dry cleaner.

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5) Appliances

Fire can burn the appliance, but many devices may remain intact. But, at the same time, some can also damage the machines. The odor of the smoke may fill the interior of the refrigerator, microwave, air-conditioner, etc., which can damage the internal system of the appliances.

You should not use any appliance without having a thorough quality check as they can cause more harm. You should hire a good restoration company as they can inspect these things thoroughly. It will save you from unnecessary damages like short-circuit, which might occur otherwise.

Last Few Words!

It would help if you always kept your safety as your priority. It would help if you never made any haste decisions in such a scenario. Hire a good restoration company as they reduce your stress and tackle the whole issue for you. Always consult a good company for restoration purposes. You can seek suggestions from your friends and family if they have hired any company in the past.


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