10 grooming essentials every man must have

10 grooming essentials every man must have

By Milda Urbonaite : It’s not the 50s anymore, and more men spend time taking care of themselves than ever. However, many still lack a few staples in their bathroom cabinets.You don’t need to invest too much or overthink every single item, but having a few key pieces at the ready will make your life much easier.The market is full of options for any budget and any taste, and you can even get everything delivered to your doorstep. All you need to do is check the list off! Here are 10 grooming essentials every man must have.

Face wash

No, washing your face with hand soap is not an option. Your skin needs some TLC to stay moisturized and clean without getting too dry.

A great option is an exfoliating wash that will remove any dead and damaged skin and keep it smooth. Choose a natural wash and make sure it’s environmentally friendly, it will minimize allergy risks, and your conscience will be clean too!

Hand lotion

According to Stylestandard.com, you need to take care of your hands with a soothing and moisturizing lotion that will deal with dry, cracked skin.

Pick something non-greasy to keep the clothes and your keyboard from staining.

Face moisturizer

Even if you’ve never tried one, now’s the time to start! Moisturizers hydrate and soften your skin and take care of unwanted wrinkles, dry spots and cracks.

In summer choose one that’s quickly absorbed and light, in winter you can go with something richer and intense.

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You need to wear sunscreen every day! Even in winter! It protects your skin from sun damage, premature aging, wrinkles and of course – skin cancer.

If you live in a sunny climate, pick sunscreen with the highest SPF, in winter or less sunny areas the best choice is SPF-30.

Make sure to find a lotion that doesn’t leave white streaks and absorbs fully.

Shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo makes a real difference in how your hair looks. That’s why you need to try a few before you stick to the one that works best.

But even though most men these days will agree to a shampoo, they will still skip the conditioner. You shouldn’t! It will smoothen your hair, detangle it and protect it from combing-damage.

Lip balm

Nobody likes cracked and dry lips! Forget about the notion that lip balms are for women only and carry one with you at all times. Especially in winter.

A simple, fragrance-less balm will moisturize the lips in the dry city air, harsh winds during your weekend hiking trips and let’s be honest – will make your lips much more attractive for the ladies.


Nothing makes a better first impression than a man who looks and smells good.

A good perfume costs more than twenty bucks, but it’s worth it. Take your time sampling various fragrances and settle for one that’s not too intense or overpowering.

Classic, neutral and subtle are the words you’re looking for when choosing one. And maybe skip those with the words “macho” or “butch” one the bottle!

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Nose hair trimmer

It’s a biggie. Almost nothing is as off-putting as hair coming out of your nose!

Coolmaterial.com says that you can get away with an unruly beard, 12-month unwashed denim, weathered boots or laughter lines of your forehead, but as soon as someone sees the dreaded dangler protruding from your nose it’s game over. Order one now.

Pocket comb

No, carrying a pocket comb is not old-school, it’s simply good planning and bare-minimum care for your looks.

A tiny pocket comb fits anywhere and is handy when you need to take care of that wind-tossed hair for a meeting or before a date.

It also works perfectly for your beard (you need to brush it after each meal!).


There are a few things every man needs for travelling.

Firstly, a set of clean, high-quality t-shirts like the crew necks from Fresh Clean Tees to go for any occasion and situation. You can find their collection here: FreshCleanTees.com/collections/crew-necks

Secondly, you need a classic, durable and lightweight washbag for all your grooming essentials. Nothing looks as sad as a plastic zip lock, so forget about those.

Make sure you get a bag that fits your suitcase and is water-resistant so you can take it into the shower.


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