5 Reasons to Start Working for an Airline

5 Reasons to Start Working for an Airline

If you are looking for a career change, you should consider working for an airline. This is an exciting industry that has a variety of job types. You can also expect great pay, benefits, and a chance to travel the world!

While the 2020 pandemic has slowed things down in the airline industry, the lust for travel will never end. Migration, business trips, and tourism will always exist. The airline industry is the unsung hero that helps people transport themselves for exploring the world, making business deals, or starting a new life in a new land.

So why should you start working for an airline and what are the opportunities within this industry?

This guide will show you the different airline jobs and why you should consider working in this exciting industry:

1. Engineering

If you are an engineer then you’ll get the best opportunities working in the airline industry. You will have the opportunity to help build state-of-the-art airplanes. You can also work to fix any potential issues in an aircraft. You’ll get to work with exciting technology as well as “nuts and bolts” type of technology such as aircraft cable fittings.

You will be responsible for helping passengers and cargo travel across the world. You will be responsible for ensuring that airplanes can travel safely. It’s a big challenge for the average engineer. However, it’s a great opportunity for the most ambitious engineers.

2. Collaboration

If you desire to work in an industry that requires collaboration, you’ll scarcely do better than working in the airline industry. If you are a pilot, you have to coordinate with your fellow pilots to ensure a safe journey. You and your fellow pilots are responsible for hundreds of passenger’s lives. This puts a huge burden and you’ll appreciate the collaboration and comradery you’ll feel with your fellow pilots.

If you work as a steward you will work with your fellow stewards to provide a great service to passengers. You can also help if any passenger feels ill or uncomfortable. You’ll have a chance to work with an enthusiastic team. You and your team will always work to plan ahead for a great flight.

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There’s also excellent teamwork when you work at an airport. Every day you will have to deal with thousands of travelers. This is in one of the busiest workplaces you’ll ever experience!

Whether you work in passenger service or at a check-in desk, you will work with your colleagues to provide an efficient service to the travelers. This is a demanding career but you’ll find it to be one of the most rewarding.

3. Meeting Diverse People

One of the greatest benefits of working for an airline is meeting diverse people. Every day at work you’ll meet passengers from different cultures. You might also get the chance to travel to different parts of the world if you work onboard.

As the world becomes more globalized, this is a skill that will be high in demand. If you wish to learn another language, you might get the chance to practice it with native speakers.

If you want to know more about the culture of another country, you’ll have a firsthand experience. If you wish to seek opportunities abroad you can use this as an opportunity to network with international professionals and entrepreneurs.

4. Transferable Skills

One thing that many professionals look for in an industry is transferable skills. At any moment you might wish to change careers and join a new industry. The biggest challenge is having to adapt to a new industry when you don’t have the talent for it.

Working for an airline ensures that you have opportunities to develop such transferable skills. Among the skills, you’ll pick up include Customer Service and Intercultural Communication. If you work as a steward you will also learn about hospitality and sales. Working at a check-in desk will teach you how to resolve issues for pressing situations.

If you work as an engineer your skills will get welcomed in many other industries. Many engineers like to start working on aircraft to experience working in a high-stress environment.

The pressure of working on an aircraft teaches you discipline and helps you understand working with machines. These can help an Engineer transfer to the manufacturing sector, construction projects, and other major industries.

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5. Lifestyle Benefits

You will love the lifestyle benefits that come with working for an airline. No matter what aspect of the airline you work on, you can expect to travel at a discounted rate. If you are a pilot or part of the onboard crew, you’ll get to travel for free. You can also expect discounts at world-class accommodations and tourist destinations.

Major airlines also give added benefits such as paying for gym memberships. If you are a student you can expect airlines to help you pay for your tuition. If you work at the airport, you can expect access to the business lounge. You’ll also love the discounts at the airport restaurants and gift shops.

The pay is great no matter what level you work at. Regardless of your position, you can expect competitive pay rates when working for an airline. If you excel at your position you can expect promotions with generous pay raises.

How to Start Working for An Airline

Before you prepare your resume and start applying, first look into what jobs you want. Research the types of airline jobs to see their requirements.

For steward jobs make sure you have a few years of hospitality experience under your belt.

If you are in flying school, make sure to ask your instructors about finding work as a pilot.

Check-in desk jobs have lower barriers to entry, but make sure you have experience with customer service to put you ahead of the game.

See You At the Airport

Now you know the major reasons why working for an airline is a great career choice. Make sure you do your research on which airlines best suit your goals. Gain some experience before you apply for a job so that you can improve your qualifications.

Please share this guide with anyone else interested in working for an airline. You can find more great career tips on our website.

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