Top Packing Tips When You Move Out Of State

Top Packing Tips When You Move Out Of State

If you have decided to move out of state to start a new life, this an exciting yet challenging prospect to face. To assist you with your big move, here is a list of some of the important steps you need before you move out of state or long distance, along with some top-rated tips that will help your move go as smoothly as possible.

Craft A Realistic Plan

Before you start to research your moving process, we suggest creating a master plan on how you plan to organize the move. The first step is to decide on how much you have to spend. Do you plan to use professional movers, or will you be transporting your belongings on a rental truck or in your car? If you plan to conduct a DIY move, it is essential to find out about the costs involved in hiring a truck.

You could also compile a list of family members or friends that may be able to assist you with an out of state move. If you plan to drive a few of your valuables in your car, have you worked out how long it will take you to arrive at your new house? Will you be taking advantage of an insurance policy for your move? It is essential first to get distracted by the smaller details as they come up.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Items Before Your Move

The next step involves taking a comprehensive inventory of all the items you plan to move into your new home. An out of state move can become expensive relatively quickly, which means you will want to keep your costs down by only transporting what you need.

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When you start to pare down, use a donate, purge, or pack system for everything you own. Once you have decided on what you will be bringing with you, sell any items that can still be used on a site like Craigslist, donate items to a local charity, or host a neighborhood garage sale.

Find Out About Your Moving Company Before The Big Day

When you feel confident about the moving company you have chosen, it will help you feel more relaxed and assured when the big day finally arrives, primarily when you are long distance moving with kids. Ask family or friends for suggestions, and make sure that you read over past customers’ online reviews. Before you secure your booking, ask the moving company to provide a written contract that they will not be subcontracting the move to someone else. If this is how the company works, your items of value may be split up between different trucks, which might mean that your stuff will arrive at different times or even on different days. This may become problematic if you are about to start a new job the next day and cannot afford to take time off.

It is also essential to find out about any additional fees or costs. You will want to avoid paying for unexpected charges, especially when you move out of state or long distance. Ensure that you get to know as much as you can about the moving company and ask them to provide you with two or three references. You should also ask if they offer any other service that may assist with your out of state move. For example, loading and packing services can save a lot of energy and time.

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Update All Your Accounts Before You Move

Not having an essential service like Internet access can be extremely frustrating, especially when you move. To make things easier, make sure you have transferred your home services and utilities in advance, offering you a way to relax and enjoy your new home after a long day of driving and unpacking.

It is also essential that you have changed your address for mailing purposes before you have moved to another state. It is essential that you still receive any final notifications or bills after you have moved.

Pack Smart Before An Out Of State Move

So, you may be thinking that packing is one of those no-brainers. However, when you move to another state, things can start to get a bit more complicated. If you have decided to pack your home up on your own, it is essential to make sure all your items are protected and secure before the move. You can also ask your kids to help you out. Use egg cartons and bubble wrap to pack breakable items, and take a picture of all your electronics before they go into storage.

With these tips and tricks, we are sure that you will feel more confident about your out of state move. To ensure you stay on track, keep a copy of this checklist handy while you navigate through the stages, and prepare for the next chapter of your life.

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