Concert Planning: This Is What You Need to Know

Concert Planning: This Is What You Need to Know

Are you having a hard time planning a concert?

The music industry adjusted into the digital age with 80% of the earnings coming from streaming. Physical and concert ticket sales are also going up because more people get exposed to the songs they weren’t likely to know about before.

With the demand for press release for music growing nowadays, it’s up to the people in charge of concert planning to meet it. If you’re the one charged with the task, don’t worry, we’ll help you plan a great concert. Read on to learn how to organize a concert that fits everyone’s needs today!

Purpose of the Concert

Did you know what the concept of the concert is? The first order of learning how to organize a concert event is to know the goals and outcomes you want to achieve.

Are you trying to introduce and showcase new up-and-coming local artists? Do you want to create awareness and fundraise for a cause? Every step of the process of planning a concert should be working to make the objectives happen.

Who Are the Performers?

Have you decided on who are the artists and/or bands performing in the concert? Depending on the type of concert, hire talents your audience is willing to pay money to watch. It increases their chances of buying the tickets and selling out the concert!

For the target audience aged 20-25, look up the hottest artists right now to ride their wave of popularity. If you want to cater to people who like jazz or rock, book musicians specializing in those genres. You should get both famous and new artists to create an interesting line-up for your concert.

Rent the Appropriate Venue

The venue of your choice will determine the number of people that can attend the concert. Larger venues mean more tickets to sell. However, it’s also in your best interest to rent a venue you can fill at least 80-85% unless you want to lose money.

It is easier and cheaper to manage a smaller venue. It allows musicians to connect and engage with their fans more personally. This direct interaction appeals to the audience and likely to come back for more live performances.

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There are different kinds of deals in renting a venue but make sure to adequate space and available bathroom stalls in your concert rental. It depends on your talk with the owner on how long you can rent the venue and the way it will look like.

Date of the Concert

Avoid having the day of your concert with any other popular concerts. This creates a competition for the attention of your audience, especially if you have the same concept. There is a chance they might not attend your concert in favor of seeing other famous artists perform live.

You should do a weather check at outdoor concerts. If it is going to be too much lightning and rain, you need to cancel or postpone the concert. It means re-funding the tickets and losing revenue, make sure the weather is good on that day.

For organizing a concert at short notice, schedule it when your attendees will get their paychecks. You can also announce it months or a year in advance to give them enough time to save up money.


Are you going with pre-sale or general admission tickets? Can they get the tickets online or at the local ticketing system? How much do you think is it going to cost each one?

To ensure the profitability of the concert, you have to cover all the expenses. Remember to include paying for your talents, staff, and money for yourself. Think about your attendee’s financial ability to buy the ticket.

Event Logistics of the Concert

Behind every successful concert are hardworking crew planning and running it backstage. As the organizer, it’s your responsibility to make sure everything goes well during the performances.

Pass any required permits and documentation for the concert. Hire technical support for help and troubleshooting various problems. Rent quality light and sound system to have the best concert experience.

Book some catering services to keep the staff and musicians well-fed. Make sure each group of artists have their own dressing room. Hire guards for security measures during the concert at entry and exit points.

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Set up a Realistic Budget

Now you have enough information to estimate the budget to make your concert happen. Map out all the expected expenses and be as specific as possible on your list. This lets you see the bigger picture and where to prioritize your spending.

Do you want to safeguard your budget? Consider getting concert insurance to cover any potential accidents. If you wanted to increase profit, find sponsorship or sell exclusive merchandise.

Promote Your Music Concert

Promoting the concert is the only way to attract concertgoers and potential audiences! Plan several marketing strategies to let them know you are trying to organize a concert. You can’t expect them to attend something they don’t know about, right?

Use retargeting ads to help you sell more tickets. Post on your social media accounts and create a video promotion to appeal. Approach your local media press about spreading the word about your concert.

Talk to your talents about promoting the concert for more exposure. Include it in online concert listing websites. Update your social media posts daily to create excitement and intrigue.

After the concert, create ways to keep in touch with the attendees. You can give out thank you emails and send out surveys for feedback. This is a great way to gather valuable data and keep them updated on your future concert plans.

Use These Tips for Successful Concert Planning Today

Here are some of the top tips for concert planning. Follow these 8 simple steps to throw your best concert yet!

Do you want to learn more about event organizing? Check out more of our guides and posts to learn all you can today!

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