Thank You for Your Service: How to Thank a Veteran the Right Way

Thank You for Your Service: How to Thank a Veteran the Right Way

Even if you don’t think you know a veteran, you most likely do. You might have one in your family or you’ve at least seen one or two of them out in your community. Whenever you run into one, take the time out of your day to tell them “thank you”.

They work hard to make sure that you get to enjoy your freedom and a small act of appreciation can put a real smile on their faces. Are you not sure how to thank a veteran the right way?

We can help you out. Here are a few meaningful things you can do for the military member in your life.

Buy Them a Hot Meal

Unfortunately, you’ve most likely seen your fair share of veterans on the street begging for clothes, money, food, or what else you can give them. You can never know if their veteran status is legit so, we don’t recommend giving money. What you can do is take the time to treat them to a meal.

Thank a soldier by dipping into a local shop to get them a sandwich. It will fill their belly, which means a lot when you’re struggling to get by.

Ask a Loved One to Tell You Stories

Not everyone will want to talk about their time in the service but there are some who look back on it with fondness. They’ll love to talk to you.

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So, sit down with your loved one and ask them to share. Listen to them tell their stories and we mean really listen. They’ll be able to tell if you’re insincere.

Send Them a Little Something

Thank a veteran on Veterans Day by sending every military member you know a little something. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. A postcard will be enough to put a huge smile on their face.

If you insist, there are some amazing gifts out there that you can get a veteran. If they’re away or actively serving, give them a custom photo blanket. That will help them think of you.

Simply Tell Them Thank You

If you see someone wearing a veteran hat when you pass them in the store, take a moment to say “thank you” to them. Even if it isn’t Veterans Day.

Thanking someone for their service will make them feel appreciated and give them a boost of happiness. It’s the small things that make a difference.

How to Thank a Veteran and Let Them Know How Much You Appreciate Them

Do you know someone who is or has served in the military? Take a moment to show your appreciation by learning how to thank a veteran the correct way.

If you see someone struggling, buy them food. Ask someone you know to recall their time in the service and don’t forget to say thank you. Trust us when we say, nothing will make them happier.

Are you looking for more ways to show your appreciation to a veteran? Check out our blog daily to see more posts like this one.

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