Party Ideas for the Perfect COVID Shindig!

Party Ideas for the Perfect COVID Shindig!

You’ve probably read somewhere that the world is experiencing a “new normal”. COVID has truly changed how we celebrate gatherings with the people dearest to us. If you want to figure out how to have a party during COVID but do it safely, we are here to help you out. From social distancing measures to making masks festive, here are the best party ideas for a great COVID shindig. 

Throw a Fun, Safe Outdoor Picnic party during COVID

If you want to have a great time with your loved ones, an excellent idea to promote social distancing is to have a picnic party. 

Whether in a backyard, empty park, or a secluded beach, you and your favorite people can truly celebrate something special while remaining within safety guidelines. 

Additionally, you can bring outdoor games that allow you to spread out, like cornhole, frisbee, and more. This way, you can have fun activities but stay safe while doing them. 

If you have a large yard, you can even have some party packages that allow people to have more activities. This way, no one will get bored at your outdoor picnic party. 

Custom Masks 

With masks being a staple in everybody’s wardrobe, you might as well have fun with it. If you need to wear a mask where you are partying, you can also get custom made masks; that way, everyone in your party during COVID is safe and reps your memorial event with their mask. 

Order Food to Go

It’s probably best to stray from larger groups heading to restaurants, so if you don’t feel like cooking for your party, it’s best to order that food to go. 

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If you have a small gathering that is safe at your house, then ordering food to go from your favorite restaurant is a great way to turn your home into your favorite eatery. 

Pair your food with your favorite beverages and desserts, and you easily turned a night out on the town into a safe night in with your friends, but still just as fun. 

Do a Virtual Trivia Night

Have a large group of people but don’t feel comfortable having an in-person party? One of the best party during COVID ideas is having a virtual trivia night.

There are so many applications on smart TVs, phones, and more that offer fun trivia games for you and your friends. 

This way, you can safely play your games at home, but have the company of your friends and the game as well. 

Additionally, if you have people over, you can socially distance and play trivia without being too close to each other or playing board games that make everyone touch the same things. 

Best Ideas for Party During COVID-19 

Just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean your party has to be a bummer. With these party ideas, you can safely have a get-together within safety guidelines and give your friends and family peace of mind. 

Whether you are social distancing, having a virtual party, or wearing custom masks, there are many creative ideas you can add to make your party a blast. 

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