Dental Implant And Crown: All You Need To Know

Dental Implant And Crown: All You Need To Know

Dental implants and crown offer a permanent solution to missing teeth, which comprises of a titanium pin that is inserted into the patient’s jawbone. After a period of months, the titanium pin bonds with the bone and tissue to provide a solid anchor for the prosthetic tooth. The combination of a dental implant with a crown is the perfect solution for a single missing tooth, with the implant acting as the anchor for the crown. This is a much better solution than bridging using the teeth either side.

The Initial Examination

The dentist would first have to examine you and take a few X-Ray images to determine if the jawbone is sufficient to host the dental implants and crown. While most people are suitable, a small number do not have adequate jawbone structure to accommodate the dental implants. In such a case, the dentist would need to graft a small section of bone from the hip area, which takes a few months to strengthen enough to be a foundation for the dental implants.

If you are looking for the best Auckland dental implant treatment, search online for a leading dental clinic that specialises in dental implant treatment. In the event the dentist is confident the treatment can go ahead, he or she would calculate the precise location for the pin insertion (which would be computer assisted to ensure accuracy).

Inserting The Titanium Pins

The second appointment would be for the dentist to insert the dental implants, which is carried out while the patient has a local anaesthetic. Once complete, the dentist would fit a temporary crown. For a single tooth, one titanium pin is inserted, then the temporary crown fitted, which protects the implant. The waiting time is usually 6-8 weeks. When the dentist feels the titanium pins have bonded with the bone and tissue, the prosthetic tooth can be fitted.

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Fitting The Crown

Once the dental implant is firmly bonded with the bone and tissue, the crown can be fitted, which is usually made from high-grade porcelain or a composite material. The crown would be the exact same shade as the natural teeth, chosen carefully by the dentist to match perfectly, and the crown is affixed using a special cement adhesive.

Single Tooth Solution

The combination of a dental implant and a crown is suitable for a single missing tooth. When the visible section of a tooth chips or breaks, but the root is in good condition, the best solution is to grind down the tooth, leaving it in place and inserting the crown onto the peg created by the dentist. If the tooth needs to be extracted, then a dental implant would be the best solution, as this provides a solid anchor for the crown.

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