Make Your Home More Functional With These 7 Attic Organization Ideas

Make Your Home More Functional With These 7 Attic Organization Ideas

Is your attic a disorganized and cluttered space? Most people use their attic to store seasonal clothing and decorations or family heirlooms that don’t have space in the house.

Without an organizational system in place, this space can quickly become cluttered which will cause you anxiety every time you go in there to retrieve something. Fortunately with a little planning and hard work you can quickly turn this problem around.

7 Attic Organization Ideas to Know

Keep reading for some attic organization ideas you can use to get started and take back your space.

1. Sort Your Things

One of the first things that you will need to do in order to organize your attic is to sort through all of your things. This might be easier to accomplish if you remove everything from your attic so it’s easier to see what you have.

Since the attic opening and its ladders can be difficult to maneuver through, you should consider adding some balustrades to help you when going up and down. This simple update will make your job easier when pulling everything out of your attic.

When beginning your sorting, determine categories for your things and then start sorting them into piles based on your categories. You could also sort them according to season if you mainly have seasonal clothing or decorations in your attic.

2. Dispose of the Junk

While you are sorting your things, you should also create a pile for junk. It’s probably been a while since you’ve gone through these items so there will likely be a lot of stuff you no longer need anymore. There might also be some decorations that have not aged well and it’s time to purge them out.

If you have a huge pile of junk that you weren’t expecting you should call your garbage company to let them know you will have a large pickup, use a trailer to haul it to the dump or hire a junk removal company to come and give you a hand.

3. Create Storage Space

Most attics have a limited amount of floor space which makes it difficult to stack your things. You should install some shelving to help you make use of the vertical space.

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Since many attics have a sloped ceiling you can use sloped storage units to get more use out of that space along the wall and ceiling. Some of these storage units come with drawers that allow you to pack things away without using bins.

If you prefer using bins, buy clear plastic ones that allow you to see the contents inside. This makes it easier to find things without having to pull all the bins out to look inside them.

4. Label Your Things

Labeling your bins is one of the best organizational practices you can start using while decluttering your attic. Once you have all your things sorted out into your different piles, you can then begin to place them in your storage containers. After you have your container full, attach a label or an index card detailing the contents, to the outside of the bin.

Make sure when you stack your bins on your shelving units in the attic that you place them with the label facing out. To make it even easier, place all the labels towards the top right or left corner, so you can see them if you have the bins stacked up in front of each other.

5. Install Rods

Since the attic is full of weird angles and small spaces, you should install shelving rods to help make the most of things. These rods can be hung across from one slope to the other and make it the perfect place to hang your things.

You can hang your bulky winter jackets or ski pants, extra clothing, and even a shoe organizer where you can tuck shoes and other small items into the pockets. Another great use of the shelving rod is you can hang your seasonal wreaths by placing them on a clothes hanger. This is a great way to keep the decorations on the wreath from being crushed and also keeps the branches nice and fluffy.

6. Make Use of Ceiling Space

Once you have used up all the wall and floor space you can still utilize another less frequently used space, the ceiling. The trusses on the ceiling are a perfect place for you to add tracts making it easy to slide the tops of bins in and out of.

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Make sure to use clear bins here so you can see inside each one. Place your labels on the bottom to make it easier to see as well.

If you are crafty, you can make wooden boxes installed on hinges that can tuck up into the trusses and then fold down when needed. These are perfect for items that you don’t use often and can also make a great place for hiding presents.

7. Storage Carts

Once you have all of your larger items tucked away into their new home, you might find that you are left with a bunch of smaller items that don’t really have a perfect home. Storage carts are a great option for items like this because they are small and compact and have clear drawers for your knick-knacks.

These carts are ideal for your craft supplies, kids’ toys, and other hobby items. Another great feature for the carts is they are on wheels so you can move it easily when needed and then tuck it away when you are finished.

Learn More Attic Organization Ideas Today!

These are some great attic organization ideas that will help you get started today. Begin by removing everything from the attic and sort them into piles, removing the things that you don’t need or is no longer in good shape as you go. Once you have everything sorted into your piles, begin placing them into clear bins and label them once full.

Next, install some shelving storage solutions while the attic is cleared out. Then stack and sort your bins and hang up your bulky clothing and seasonal decorations.

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