Spooky, Scary: 4 Amazing Halloween Decoration Ideas

Spooky, Scary: 4 Amazing Halloween Decoration Ideas

Fall is here and that means Halloween is right around the corner! As you begin to take down your summer decor and the leaves begin to fall, you’ll need to start thinking of some awesome Halloween decorations to hang up in and on your house.

Finding the right Halloween decoration for each section of your house or yard is a fun process without a doubt! From DIY Halloween decorations to outdoor Halloween decorations and everything in between, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

To get the decorating process started, continue reading below. Here are a few Halloween decoration ideas you’ll need to know about in order to transform your house this year!

1. Pet Pumpkin Carvings

Do you have a pet at home? Whether it’s a dog, a cat, or a smaller critter, pet pumpkin carvings are a great addition to a home’s Halloween decorations. You can create the carving of your pet on the pumpkin by printing a stencil of your pet.

You’ll place the stencil on the pumpkin and use the appropriate tools to complete the carving. More directions are located on this post. Once done, place the pumpkins outside by the front door as a wonderful way to welcome visitors during the spooky season.

2. Pumpkin Jar Lights

Need a way to light up the pathway to your front door? Pumpkin lights jars are the perfect solution and much more decorative than simple lamps. To create these fun lights, take a few Mason jars of different sizes, and glue orange tissue paper to the insides of them.

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This will make them appear orange. You can then cut out pumpkin faces using black construction paper and glue them to the outsides of the jars. You can decide to make super scary faces or silly faces.

Once the glue dries, place a battery-operated candle inside each Mason jar to light them up at night!

3. Halloween Mirrors

A great way to transform the inside of your house is to turn all the mirrors in your home into Halloween mirrors. There are a few ways to do this.

If you want the mirrors to say something on them, then you can cut out the letters from a newspaper and tape them to the mirror using double-sided tape.

Then, spray the glass of the mirror with a matte finish. Once dry, remove the newspaper and tape. The finished product is a frosted mirror that’s all types of creepy!

When you want the original mirror back, simply spray it with glass cleaner and wipe clean.

4. Halloween Window Projectors

If you want the ultimate haunted house this Halloween, then you’ll want to look into purchasing a Halloween window projector or two. These projectors create an image on glass. You can project them onto your windows or on your front door if it’s made of glass.

When people pass by, they’ll see an entire haunted scene coming from inside your house! These projectors also come in a variety of options ranging from fun Halloween to scary Halloween.

Which Halloween Decoration Will You Try?

There are many different fun Halloween decorations to try out this season. With so many great options to choose from on this list, which Halloween decoration will you try first?

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