How to Become a Welder: A Simple Career Guide

How to Become a Welder: A Simple Career Guide

Become a Welder by knowing that there are over 30 million jobs that pay over $55k a year and don’t require a bachelor’s degree in the United States?

Many people find trade careers as lucrative, if not more as, those that require a college degree and welding is no exception. If you’re considering a career as a welder, you came to the right place.

Read on to learn how to become a welder.

  1. Learn Everything You Can About Welding

Before you embark on the path to become a welder, you should learn as much as you can about the profession. Like many similar professions, welding is a physically demanding job that requires you to abide by certain safety regulations.

The best way to learn about the demands or welding is to talk to a professional about it. Seek the help of an experienced welder and ask about how they got started a typical day on the job and growth opportunities.

  1. Get Experience and Learn the Trade

If you want to become a welder, there are a few ways you can do it. For starters, you can work as a welder apprentice and work your way up. However, if you decide to go this route, you might find it more challenging to get certified.

You can also look for welding programs at your local community colleges or trade schools. Enrolling in a welding program is one of the faster ways to obtain experience and get your certification.

  1. Choose a Discipline

Once you have completed your welding education, you can focus on a specialty to start your career.

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Most people choose between MIG welding, stick welding, TIG welding as a starting point. Although these are the most common, there are a few more specific disciplines to choose from.

When you’re in the process of choosing a specialty, you should keep in mind salary, work opportunities, and career growth.

  1. Get Certified

While not every job will require you to have a welding certification, you will have more work opportunities if you’re a certified welder. If you don’t have your certification, some local laws might require you to take a skills test before you can get hired as a welder.

To increase your opportunities and further your career, getting certified is your best option.

  1. Keep Your Skills Sharp

To continue growing as a welder and getting more complex jobs, it’s important you keep your skills sharp.

If you’ve learned everything you can about one welding discipline, why not try to learn a new one. With a wider welding skillset, you will have the opportunity to get a better salary.

  1. Seek a Welder’s Union

If you’re interested in more benefits and job security, you should contact a local chapter or the welders union.

Learn about the requirements, benefits, and opportunities that would be available to you as a member.

Wondering How to Become a Welder? Start Here

Now that you know more about how to become a welder, you’re ready to take your career to the next level.

Those interested in becoming a welder should do their research, look into formal training, choose a discipline, and obtain their certification.

If you enjoyed this career article and would like to learn more about other industries, check out the rest of our blog.

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