How to Build a Cool Treehouse and Treehouse Ideas

How to Build a Cool Treehouse and Treehouse Ideas

Your backyard is missing something. You have plenty of yard space, a nice set of trees, and maybe a garden. Your kids’ imaginations run wild, and you want to play along and support them.

What better way to fuel their playtime than with a treehouse? Building a treehouse takes a little bit of carpentry work and design, but the end result could make for a dream childhood hideaway spot your kids will remember forever.

For design inspiration and guidance, keep reading for the ideal cool treehouse ideas for your kids.

Where to Start Your Treehouse

In order to begin designing your treehouse, you’ll need to pick a location, preferably around some trees.

The location selection is important because it will influence how you build your treehouse. It is also critical to consider the species of tree or trees you are going to build around.

You’ll want to pick a healthy, older tree whose roots have reached deep into the ground. There are also some species of trees that are stronger and more suited to holding weight than other trees.

Some species you might consider using would be oak, maple, or walnut trees, Trav’s Trees tree stump removal.

Before you start any construction in your chosen spot, confirm that there are no parasites or any other maladies affecting your chosen tree spot. The last thing you want is for your newly built treehouse to come tumbling down with an infected tree.

Cool Treehouse Ideas

Depending on what kind of features your kids would enjoy in a treehouse, or if you’re building it more for your own enjoyment than anything else, the key elements you’ll include will vary.

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Some tried-and-true cool treehouse ideas include a unique entrance, like a trapdoor. If stairs are too complicated to construct, ladders and rock climbing walls will give your kids a skyline adventure to embark on.

If your treehouse will be used by the whole family, you may want to include multiple levels, or even an amateur off-grid power system for evening happy hours with your adult friends.

Your DIY treehouse ideas can become anything you want them to be, all you need is the dream to get started.

Treehouse Construction

You can hire the help of a treehouse construction crew to assist in your build if you plan on building a treehouse oasis.

At the very least, you’ll want to consult with an arborist to make sure your treehouse can be supported by whatever trees and stilts you plan to build it on.

If you do support your build directly onto living trees, the trees will shift in the wind and continue to grow, so you’ll need to accommodate for that with special bolts and building instructions.

Further, you’ll need to speak with your town to get a treehouse building permit.

Once construction has begun, it’s the only time it won’t be safe for your kids to be playing. Whether or not you have friends or a construction crew helping you, building a cool treehouse still has its safety risks.

Make sure all your equipment and builders are properly strapped in when working at any elevation above the ground. Falling people and materials can cause serious accidents and injuries. Read more about proper construction and tool safety here.

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Your Dream Treehouse

Regardless of whether your treehouse build was for your kids or for you, you’re well on your way to designing the best treehouse around.

By carefully placing your treehouse and taking into account the health of the surrounding trees, your cool treehouse ideas are about to come to life. You’ll also be ready to construct with safety.

For more design ideas and advice, find more inspiration on our page.

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