How to Charter a Yacht for the First Time

How to Charter a Yacht for the First Time

Need to get away from the hustle? How about a cruise on a chartered yacht? If you’ve ever thought it might be fun to charter a yacht and cruise the seas with your friends and family, you need to know how to do it.

There are some basic processes you need to learn if you want to know how to charter a yacht, but they’re pretty simple.

Read on to find out the three essential things to do before you charter a yacht and get on the water.

Do Your Research

The first thing you need to do to learn how to charter a yacht is research. You’ll need to work out where you want to hire a yacht. You’ll also want to get recommendations and reviews of chartering companies, their boats, and their crews.

If you intend to charter a yacht and sail it yourself, you’ll also want to find out about licensing laws where you’re going. You’ll need to see what qualifications the charter company requires.

Before you jump on board any yacht, make sure it has the equipment and facilities you need. How many berths does it have? What supplies does it come with?


If you want to charter a yacht without a crew, there is a good chance you will need some qualifications before you get onboard. The licenses and qualifications you need vary from location to location and from boat to boat.

Many charter companies will want to know about your sailing experience. Have you sailed a boat as large as the one you are looking to charter? Have you sailed in similar conditions?

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Other companies will require an official off-shore license or another qualification. For sailing in US waters, at the very least you’ll need to provide a boater’s safety course certificate.

Etiquette on a Chartered Yacht

Etiquette is something you should be aware of when chartering a yacht. Etiquette covers everything from how you act onboard to how to anchor correctly and much more. Expectations of proper etiquette also differ if you are chartering with or without a crew.

If you opted for a crewed boat, the most important rule of etiquette to remember is that the captain is always right. They know how to sail and they know their boat and the waters you are in. If they make a decision, even if it’s one you don’t really like, you must do as they say.

After that, a lot of etiquette on a yacht charter comes down to treating people on the boat and in the water around you with a decent level of respect. Don’t crowd people at anchor. Keep noise levels down.

Know How to Charter a Yacht

There are three basic things you have to know when it comes to how to charter a yacht. Research, qualifications, and etiquette. If you get these things sorted, you’ll have a great time on your yacht charter as you cruise the crystal blue waters around you.

Make sure you ask questions and understand what you are getting with your charter. Make sure you know how to handle your boat. Be respectful of those around you on the boat and on the water.

It’s that simple! We like to keep our advice simple, so if you want to learn more easy tips about lifestyle or outdoor adventures, check out our website.

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