Throwing the Perfect ‘80s Themed Party

Throwing the Perfect ‘80s Themed Party

Here’s how to throw the perfect 80s themed party. The 1980s were truly a great time for many people. Many people believe that the ‘80s were the last decade that distinctly had their own identity, and didn’t rely on the nostalgia of other time periods. As a result, ‘80s themed parties are relatively popular along with ‘70s disco-themed parties. If you want to have a successful theme party, there are several boxes that you need to check in order to make the party successful. What exactly are these elements that you need for a theme party?


When throwing any type of themed party, it’s important to set the right tone right out of the gate. The most common way to do this is through the invitations you send out. The invitations themselves should be on theme, clearly letting guests know what the theme is just through their design and wording alone. In case your guests have a hard time with context clues, the invitation should also clearly state within the text exactly what the theme of the party is. Finally, you should consider who you’re sending the invitations out to. If you know people that absolutely hate theme parties, then consider not inviting them. Having too many guests that either don’t go with the theme or simply don’t enjoy the theme can really throw the whole party’s atmosphere off, ruining the theme party.


If you’re going to have a true ‘80s style party, then all of your guests need to wear the appropriate 80’s apparel. You should expect to see the bold fashion trends of the ‘80s come alive at your party, as guests try their best to emulate what people in the ‘80s actually wore. Dressing up is one of the most fun parts of a theme party, especially when the theme is something as distinct as the 1980s. If every one of your guests pulls off the theme as intended, you’ll have an absolute blast comparing costumes and showing off. Costumes and apparel are an extremely important part of a theme party, and if you and your guests pull it off correctly then the party will surely be unforgettable.

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Perhaps the most important part of throwing an ‘80s themed party is the type of entertainment that you provide your guests. You want to have plenty of classic ‘80s songs playing, as well as any other form of 80’s themed entertainment that you might get your hands on. Hiring Orange County cover bands to perform everyone’s favorite ‘80s hits or finding an impersonator for your favorite 80’s artist are both solid choices for entertainment options. If you want your ‘80s party to truly stand out, you need to have solid entertainment to keep your guests engaged. Hiring the right form of entertainment could be the difference between your guests feeling like they were actually transported to the ‘80s and your party simply fizzling out.


Decorating your party’s venue with the right material is key in creating an atmosphere that actually feels like the 1980s. You want to get the look and feel of the 1980s down right with your decorations, as that is how you can make your party feel truly memorable and unforgettable. You’ll want to incorporate the various colors and wacky designs of the time period to the best of your ability, creating decorations that are not only on theme but are also easy on the eyes. Effectively decorating your party is the last step that you need to create a truly perfect and memorable theme party.

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