What You Need to Know About Working With a Modelling Agency

What You Need to Know About Working With a Modelling Agency

Is your supermarket walk more like a supermodel strut down the snack aisle? Is binge-watching past episodes of America’s Next Top Model your idea of a fun Saturday evening?

If so, it sounds like modeling could be your thing.

But the qualifications for being a model are way more detailed than most wannabe Naomi Campbells or Heidi Klums realize.

The great news is that the right modelling agency could help you turn your living room sashay into a killer runway stride if you’re willing to put in the work.

Here are a few things to think about before signing a modelling contract.

Know Your Stuff

Most modeling agencies are looking to sign serious models. Their ideal model would have “the right look” and know:

Stay up to date with everything fashion and learn as much as you can about the modelling industry. Being knowledgeable about your craft will impress any agency, and propel you much further into your modelling career.

If you consider modeling as only a hobby, you may want to look into a talent agency where the modeling side of things is a bit more lenient.

Go, Go, Go!

As a model, you are literally the face of someone’s brand. As being such, you will be expected to travel far and wide to book jobs. Once you sign with a modelling agency, you will be sent on casting calls referred to as a go-see.

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You can think of a go-see as an interview specifically for models.

During a go-see, you will be expected to show off your walk, try on clothes, and answer questions about your style, portfolio, and experience. You will be expected to be punctual to reflect positively on yourself and your agency.

Get Healthy

There is a misconception that may have been true in years past that you need to be a certain weight in order to be a model or even to be healthy.

But health is so much more than weight. Deciding to be a model means that you are deciding to live an overall healthier lifestyle.

Although having a healthy weight is imperative to have prior to becoming a model, you will also need to have a healthy mindset. This means:

  • Having a healthy relationship with food
  • Having a healthy body image
  • Emotionally disciplined

Modeling requires a lot of your body and mind. Being emotionally disciplined will allow you to set personal feelings aside so that you can complete the work given to you without your sense of self-worth diminishing.

Take care of yourself off of the run-way and begin to build positive sleep and social habits as well.

An agency could release you from your contract if you neglect to take care of yourself and it begins to show in your appearance and work ethic.

Ready to Look for a Modelling Agency?

So, if we are being honest, this is not an exhaustive list of everything to expect when working with a modelling agency, but it’s a great list to start with.

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Take your time in deciding if modeling is something you truly want to make a career, and then make the jump to find the perfect modelling agency for you.

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