Top 5 Best Places to Store Things in Your House

Top 5 Best Places to Store Things in Your House

You want to keep your home organized, but doing so is a much more difficult task than you thought it’d be. No matter how hard you try, staying organized seems impossible. There’s just not enough space and too many things. So you can find the places to store things in your house.

Over time, even your organized areas begin to look like chaos. You’re tired of looking at all the clutter and need to know some different places to store things in your home and keep them out of sight. Fortunately, there are more places in your home to store items than you might know of.

It’s time to discover these hidden storage options! In our guide below, we list some of the best places to store things inside a house. Continue reading to find out more.

1. In a Loft Storage

If your home has a loft storage space, then this is a great place to store a few items. You’ll need a decent loft ladder to ensure you can get to and from when needed. Then, explore some loft conversion storage ideas to maximize your storage space.

Places solid boards down on the loft’s floor and have shelving units installed. You can even have corner shelving units installed to get the most out of the loft. Then, be sure to place everything inside the loft in an organized manner to ensure you know where everything is and can get to it when needed.

2. In Labeled Storage Bins

No matter if your storing items in your loft, basement, garage, or somewhere else, one way to stay organized is by using labeled storage bins. Basement renovation Toronto says clear storage bins allow you to see the contents inside them. Labels will also help you know what bin is what.

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Try to use all the same size bins as well. This will make it easier for you when stacking them. Stacking bins using the brick wall method.

It’s a great method to use because when you need to remove a bin on a lower level, you can simply slide the box out and slide it back.

3. Under a Staircase

The space under your staircase shouldn’t be left to collect dust. Some staircases have closets built into them. If this is true for you, you can use the closet space to store a few storage bins.

If your stairs don’t have a closet built into them, then you can consider building a shelving unit into them instead. Shelves built under stairs are a great way to store all your little knick-knacks or it can even be used as a bookshelf.

If you have a basement, you can install shelving under your basement stairs. On these shelves, be sure to store all your sporting equipment, power tools, and other similar items.

4. Inside a Storage Bed

The best way to add storage options in your home is to purchase furniture that doubles as storage. A storage bed is one great option. Rather than having open space under the bed, storage beds have cubbies, shelves, or drawers under them.

This is the perfect place to store extra bed linens, spare pillows, shoes, books, and more. It creates more space in the bedroom and less clutter.

5. Inside Ottomans, Window Seats, and Shoe Benches

Other furniture items that double as storage are ottomans, window seats, and shoe benches. In your living room, keep an ottoman by the couch that opens up. You can place throw blankets in it and even movies or games.

Some coffee tables are made with storage under the lids also. Window seats work well in bedrooms and in living rooms. You can use them to read a book on, drink your morning tea, and gaze out the window.

The seat lifts up and provides optimal storage for anything you’d like. The same is true for shoe benches. Shoe benches are generally placed next to the front or back door.

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They provide a place for you to sit and either remove or put on your shoes. When you lift the bench up, there’s storage inside for all your shoes. Children’s toy chests are another great example of a furniture storage item.

6. Inside a Garden Tool Shed

If you love to garden and have many gardening tools, then consider having a garden tool shed built in your backyard. Garden tool sheds give you all the space you need to keep all your gardening tools organized.

It’s also nice to have a way to keep all of your gardening tools and supplies out of the house. It’ll help free up some space if you’re currently storing them in your home.

7. In a Built-In Bookcase

Bookcases can be bulky and take up too much space. If you enjoy reading and have a book collection, however, you’ll want to have a bookcase to hold all your books on. You can also use a bookcase to hold other items if desired.

One way to get the benefits of a bookcase without having to take up too much space in your home is to build a built-in bookcase. Bookcases built into the wall won’t take up much space at all, while still giving you all that storage space you need.

If you have a nook in your home, these make for amazing spots to install built-in bookcases or shelves!

These Are the Best Places to Store Things In Your Home

Do you know how to store things all while staying organized? The tips listed above are some of the best places to store things in your home. Use the information in this guide to get you on the right track to an organized and clutter-free home.

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