What Do You Say When Someone Dies? This Is How to Express Sympathy

What Do You Say When Someone Dies? This Is How to Express Sympathy

More than half of Americans (57%) are still grieving the loss of a loved one. For most, the passing occurred within the last three years. For others, the loss happened even further back.

If you know someone who recently lost a loved one, you’re likely wondering how you can help.

There are tons of questions you need answered, like what do you say when someone dies? How can you show your support and uplift your loved one? What should I expect as my friend grieves?

We know that accepting death is not easy for anyone. Read on to learn how to express your sympathy and support in your loved one’s time of need.

At a Loss for Words

When your loved one informs you about the death, it’s natural to be at a loss for words. There’s no “right” way to respond to such devastating news.

There are some things you could say that could make the situation worse though. Here are some of thing things not to say or do:

  • Never minimize the person’s feelings
  • Don’t say “it could be worse”
  • Don’t tag them on social media on posts about their lost loved one
  • Never provide unsolicited advice

Instead, offer your condolences. Acknowledge their pain. Simply listen.

Know What to Expect During the Grieving Process

You care about your loved one, so you need to know what to expect as they grieve. Here are the typical stages after losing a loved one:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance
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Remember though, no two people grieve in the same way. Some people go through the stages and then revert backward.

Small Actions Mean the Most

You might be thinking about big things you can do to help raise your loved one’s spirits. That might not be the best idea while they’re grieving though.

Instead, take the conservative route and commit to taking small but meaningful actions.

Consider buying flowers for funerals or organizing a wake. Ask your loved one if they’d like you to bring by a home-cooked meal. Offer to babysit any children for the day to give your grieving loved one a break.

Your loved one may also feel overwhelmed by the attention they’re getting. If so, then ask them if they need you to handle their phone calls for a few days.

While these actions may seem small and insignificant, they’re far from it. They’ll actually give your loved one the time they need to focus on their grief.

What Do You Say When Someone Dies?

So what do you say when someone dies? It’s natural to be at a loss for words, but your presence alone can mean a lot.

Do what you can to understand the grief process. Take small actions and do your best to just be there for your loved one.

It’s honorable to be there for a loved one when they’ve lost someone close to them. Being supportive is far from easy, but you’d want someone to do the same for you.

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