Pretty Fly: 5 Benefits of Owning a Plane

Pretty Fly: 5 Benefits of Owning a Plane

Have you been wondering if owning a plane is the right move for you? Since airplanes have been shown to maintain their value over time, owning a small plane is worth it.

You’ll reap the rewards of convenience, status, and camaraderie. Keep reading to learn 5 big benefits of owning a plane!

1. Fly Whenever You Want

With commercial air travel, you’re at the mercy of available flights and airports. You have to plan your trip well in advance to score the best ticket prices. By owning your own plane, you can take to the skies whenever you want.

To get a pilot’s license, you’ll need to go through training and accumulate 40 hours of flight time. Once you do that, the sky is yours!

By owning a small plane, you’ll commit to investing upfront for the plane itself and lessons. But over time, you’ll avoid shelling out hundreds of dollars for each flight you want to fly.

2. Avoid Airport Check-In and Security

Waiting in line to check your bags, get your tickets, and go through security makes commercial air travel a pain. It sucks time from your day. And once you board a commercial jet, you might be stuck in a cramped seat or next to a crying baby.

By owning a small plane, you can avoid this. You won’t need to check your bags (or pay an extra fee to do so) and the whole process will be streamlined.

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3. Owning a Plane to Get the Best View

By owning a small plane, you’ll get the best seat in the house. You won’t have to hope for the window seat, because the windows will be all around you. What better way to appreciate the beauty of the earth than by flying above it!

You won’t be stuck on some boring stretch of highway or trapped in traffic due to a fender bender. You can just glide along and gain a new perspective on the landscape around you.

4. Gain Privacy and Comfort

Flying on a commercial jet also means everything you do or say is on display. In a small plane, that is not the case.

If you own a cabin by a lake or have an annual vacation spot, buying a plane makes a lot of sense so that you can reach your destination easily — and with the added comfort of a little privacy.

For a single-engine plane, you won’t pay more than you would for a new car. They’re an affordable choice if you want the independence of determining your own schedule.

If you already own a plane and want to upgrade or try something new, hiring a broker to sell a plane is an easy solution.

5. Build a Community of Pilot Friends

Once you start learning the ins and outs of flying, you’ll find that you’re in good company. Small plane owners are everywhere, and you can check your nearby airport to see if there is a flying club.

Take advantage of opportunities to connect. You’ll become a more knowledgeable pilot and gain friends at the same time!

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Get Flying

There’s no time like the present to make the switch to owning a plane. You’ll love the sense of release that comes with flying and taking control of your travel.

When you’re ready to find other ways to make your life even better, check back for more ideas!

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