Declutter Your Home: 5 Tips to Getting Rid of Furniture You Don’t Need

Declutter Your Home: 5 Tips to Getting Rid of Furniture You Don’t Need

Do you need to declutter your home, but you’re not sure what to do with unwanted furniture?

Bulky items can be challenging to get rid of. You might not have the means to transport your large furniture items.

There are many great reasons to declutter your home, from making space, making cleaning easier, and give you a sense of freedom. Removing clutter will help you to address personal issues and improve your quality of life.

Before you can really declutter your home, you may need to get rid of the large items. But what can you do with those pieces of furniture that cause so many challenges?

Here are five tips for getting rid of furniture that you don’t need.

1. Donate Your Unwanted Furniture

If you have no need for an item of furniture, then why not pass it on to someone that will find a use for it?

Donating your unwanted pieces of furniture to charity will mean that they will be beneficial in more than one way.

Firstly, the charity store will be able to sell the furniture, and the proceeds can be used for a good cause.

Secondly, the person that buys the item of furniture from the charity store may be getting a bargain. They may have been in need of that type of furniture but might have had limited funds to buy one.

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Find a cause that you care about that accepts furniture donations and get in touch and ask then to collect the item.

2. Hire a Rubbish Removal Company

If the furniture is in poor condition, you may want to dispose of it; however, kerbside pickups of large items by your local refuse collectors may be out of the question.

Where this is the case, you should look at private rubbish removal companies that will pick straight up from your home. For an example of one such service, look at this page.

Make sure it’s worth your while. As you’ll be paying for this service, you might as well get them to take more rubbish.

3. List it on Freecycle

If it’s good enough to use again, list it on the Freecycle website and state that the buyer must collect.

Doing this will only work if you’re not in a rush to have it removed as it could take a while to find someone who wants it.

4. Sell it

If your old furniture is in good condition, list in on an online selling site and try and get some money for it. Again, make sure and state that the buyer must collect.

5. Have a Yard Sale

Push all of your old and unwanted furniture items out onto the front lawn and see if you can get some interest from neighbors and passers-by.

Alternatively, leave the furniture outside with a ‘free’ sign. Someone might just take it away.

Getting Rid of Furniture in an Eco-Friendly Way

When getting rid of furniture, be sure that you’re doing everything that you can to consider your impact on the environment. If it’s not going to a new home, try and find an environmentally friendly disposal method.

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