7 Things you must Consider before Opting for Restaurant Banquette Seating

7 Things you must Consider before Opting for Restaurant Banquette Seating

Running a restaurant in this day & age when the competition is cut-throat and the supply of restaurants & supply of just about any cuisine is abundant is no easy task. 

There are only a few differentiating factors and restaurants should have to capitalize on it. The appeal & aura of the restaurant or café business also happens to play an important aspect in this. 

This article will talk about a piece of furniture that is mainly popular in the west, significantly moreso in the United States & Canada. These are booth seating arrangements for restaurants, popularly also known as restaurant benches and restaurant banquette seating.

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Now that we have this out of the way, let’s get cracking

7 Tips to Improve your restaurant banquette seating

Seating Design and Embellishment

When you are strategizing a restaurant banquette seating, the first thing that you need to do is design a layout or a rough sketch in your mind. This will give you a proper perspective as to how you want to present your design to give your restaurant a distinctive look.

 If you are planning for a theme, then bespoke restaurant furniture will give you a proper compliment to your style.

As banquette furniture are almost exclusively used for special occasions, most go for customizations depending on the audience they serve. 

Opt for Commercial Restaurant Furniture

Choosing commercial restaurant furniture will always help you to create the desired ambience for your restaurant banquette seating. To make an ideal seating arrangement, you need to consider some of the factors like size, shape, style, polish, resistance to materials. You can create the best dining ambience when you make the best use of these factors. The size, style, and shape should be compatible with each other. Moreover, opting for the various commercial restaurant furniture that is currently in trend will help you to create a minimalistic look to your restaurant.

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Home furniture or furnishings that are not designed mainly for prestigious functions, joints or establishments will simply not cut it. The simply do not provide the allure, beauty, strength or the function that furniture for a commercial dining arrangement or reception will. 

These types of furniture are supplied by specialized manufacturers that simply do not cater to the needs of local suppliers. Simply because these pieces are regularly ordered only by hospitality businesses so fining them in your local store will simply not be possible. 

If it is, you’ll end up paying far more than what you would have to initially. 

Make a Comfortable Seating Arrangement

The comfort should always be the first priority when you are planning the sitting arrangement of a restaurant as it plays a significant role in creating a good customer experience. It would be best if you opt for sofas and upholstered bench seating that are constructed with spring and foam on board. In this regard, considering sprung seating arrangement is always a good option as it gives the utmost comfortable restaurant banquette seating experience to the visitors. However, if you are planning to arrange a sitting arrangement within a cheaper rate, then opting for board upholstery or foam can be a good option.

No one really wants a booth, bench or banquette seating, arrangement where the furniture looks great but is not really comfortable. Using premium quality leather, thick foam materials that last a lifetime and using the best quality materials is crucial to get this right. 

These little things count towards getting all the banquette seating arrangement right. 

Select the Right Booth & Bench Seating Arrangement

There are various shapes of tabletops, which include round, square, and rectangle. Each of these is purposeful and flexible to use, provided it depends upon your angle of arrangement. If your restaurant or cafe is rather commodious, then opting for a square and rectangle shape table arrangement is the way to go as it can accommodate four to six decently sized individuals. 

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Besides, the rectangle shape table is perfect for dining and family get together. However, if space is an issue, then opting for a round shape tabletop is the best option.

Booths, Benches an

Consider the Cost Factor into the Equation

Consider the cost factor while buying seating arrangement in a restaurant. These days you will find a lot of options both in the high-price range and within the economical price range. Therefore, the best way to execute your seating arrangement plan is by making a rough analysis of its cost.

Improve Service Efficiency with Good Seating Designs

An enormous part of a good dining experience comes from service efficiency. To improve operational efficiency, you should focus on the best use of the space by arranging the tabletops in an orderly fashion. This will not only block the main entrance and the high traffic area of your restaurant but will also help you to work on the service efficiency. To avoid complications regarding service efficiency, try to maintain a distance between the table and also see that no table is 25 feet further from the service area.

Maintain a Distance

It is common knowledge that folks prefer booth seating & dining arrangements mainly for privacy and for an added comfort. To keep the spirit of this privacy intact, using dividers and separators between booths located adjacent to you is a great idea. 

Most popular restaurants do this. However, make sure that the dividers are easily detachable. Since during banquettes and large functions, you would want to remove the barrier to communication and glances.

This is moreso important following the plight of the pandemic wherein restaurants are trying to ensure that their customers maintain as much distance as possible. [Info Source: GlobalImaging]


To make a successful restaurant banquette seating arrangement, it always important to focus on drawing a layout that can be shaped into reality. Once you consider some of the important factors into your equation, assessing the rest will be a simple task. Moreover, keeping these things in mind will not only help you in creating a great dining experience for your visitors but will also help you to keep up with the modern dining trend.

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