7 Insanely Fun Things to Do in Hungary on a Budget

7 Insanely Fun Things to Do in Hungary on a Budget

Are you suffering from wanderlust, but don’t have a ton of money to spend?

There are those who believe you can’t have fun on a budget — but they’re wrong!

Of course, some places are more cost-prohibitive than others. Hungary, however, is not on that list.

There are plenty of things to do in Hungary without breaking the bank. We’ll take a look at seven of them right here:

1. The Labyrinth in Budapest

If scary and macabre is your bag, check out the Labyrinth tunnels beneath Budapest’s Castle Hill. This is where Vlad the Impaler was held captive and tortured for 12 years beginning in 1463.

For around $7, you can walk through these tunnels peppered with shackles and torture cages. There’s also a section where you’ll walk through pitch blackness for about five minutes.

2. The For Sale Pub in Budapest

This funky pub is located across the lane from a posh shopping center. There’s nothing pretentious about the For Sale Pub though.

Every inch of nearly every surface is covered with drawings, business cards, small paintings, notes or any other memento left by customers wishing to mark their passing.

Even the floor is covered with straw and peanut shells.

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3. The Flipper Muzeum in Budapest

If you love pinball, don’t miss this.

Beneath a residential building is the little Flipper Muzeum lined with rows of classic pinball machines – all operational.

Tickets are around $10, with a discount for those under 26 and over 62. With admission, you can play the games as much as you’d like all day.

4. The Caves of Lillafüred

If spelunking is more your thing, head to the spa town of Lillafüred.

Although you may not have the money for a day at the spa, you can still explore the caves that are walking distance from the town.

Impressive stalactites and stalagmites, interesting limestone formations, and long-dead plant species are among the attractions.

5. Vineyards in Eger Wine Region

Tokaj is better for wine, so it’s a bit expensive. Instead, head over to the Eger wine region where prices aren’t as inflated.

Many cellars have special wine tasting nights where you can enjoy traditional foods, dancing, and even tours of the cask cellars.

6. The Busójárás Festival in Mohács

The free Busójárás festival is an amazing sight to see. Rooted in a pagan tradition to scare off winter, the townspeople dress up in demonic masks and parade through town.

This isn’t one of those casual “things to do this weekend” type of activities though. It takes place each year during the six days leading up to Ash Wednesday. So you’ll need to plan accordingly.

7. Micro Wonder Museum in Szentendre

Every sculpture in this museum must be viewed through a microscope. Seriously.

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You will view a miniature chess set resting on the head of a pin, a tiny outline of Abraham Lincoln’s face, and even a series of Ancient Egypt-themed objects squeezed inside the eye of a needle.

None of these wonders can be seen with the naked eye.

So Many Great Things to Do in Hungary

The above list is just a sampling of things to do in Hungary on a budget. We encourage you to explore this great country and discover some more!

In the meantime, keep checking back with our blog for more great tips and articles.

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