Douglas Healy Believes in Using What Will Never Be Extinct

Douglas Healy Believes in Using What Will Never Be Extinct


If we are talking about sustainable energy how can we not talk about Douglas Healy? He believes strongly in a sustainable source of energy which are sources like Solar power, thermal power, hydropower and other such energies which will never be extinct. Every country has its own source of energy, it depends from place to place as per the availability of the source of energy on earth. 

Douglas believes that 100% of the power in the United States will definitely be a source of sustainable energy in 2050. This will be a revolutionary shift from one mode of energy to another. In ancient times the only resource was the coal and the nuclear-powered plants which were the only source of electricity producer for the consumer of the entire nation. This was more of a systematic manner to be followed.

What is Sustainable Energy? 

If you do not understand the term sustainable, then let us first decode ‘sustainable’ and then the importance of sustainability. The word ‘sustain’ means to retain, if we use this word with respect to sustainable energy, it would mean renewable energy. This ultimately means that it is a kind of energy that is produced and the source of the energy can be reused to make the production of energy. 

Why Sustainable Energy is Important? 

A sustainable source of energy has an importance to a level where the sources are natural and mainly the natural source is being used instead of wasting the energy. If we try to put in simple words, natural sources such as water, air, and sun are the natural sources that we do not have to produce nor do we have to think about their extinction. 

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The availability of these sources is never-ending or unextinguished ever, they can be used to the maximum level of their presence. This kind of energy does not follow the traditional method of energy creation. They have adopted a new form of energy making method for renewable sources of energy. 

Types of Sustainable Energy

The sources of sustainable energy have been initiated from biomass, hence here we have listed the rest of the energies of the source. The different kinds of sustainable energies are: 

Solar Energy: This is the best form of energy and it is present abundantly present in nature. The light and heat are both equally important for us to produce the best quality of solar energy for us. 

Wind Energy: Wind is a sustainable natural source and will be available in many places in many ways. This is a natural element that no one ever thought could be commercialized. 

Geothermal Energy: This source of energy is fetched from beneath the earth’s surface. This power is utilized by installing geothermal power stations at different suitable locations. This kind of energy is a steam-based energy resource.  

Oceanic Energy: The potential ocean energy which is created by wave tidal energy, which results in massive energy production. The concept of turbines is included in the production of this kind of energy. 

Biomass Energy: This is the most ancient form of energy which was used in the initial days of inventions and this is still produced in that form which adds up to a lot of energy in the environment.  

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Not only Douglas Healy believes but a lot of research and inventions have established the fact that this kind of energy production is the best way of energy production on earth. By adopting this method of energy production, one can consume a lot of human resources as well as mechanical resources. 


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