Four things to improve your online presence

Four things to improve your online presence

So you’ve got a website that you want to run — it could be for a project, an event, or it may even be part of your new business plan. No matter what it’s for, you want to make sure that it’s performing in the best way possible.

However, you’ve had your website live for a while and, disappointingly, it’s not gaining as much traffic as you’d like. Yet you don’t know what you should be doing: it looks fine, so what’s stopping it from being a success?

There might be a few small changes you can make to your website that’ll instantly make an impact on its performance. These are just some of the measures you can carry out to improve your website and, although you might not see much of a difference to your homepage, you’ll see a difference in how it works for you to improve your online presence.

Check the look of your website

Make sure that your site’s first impression encourages visitors to take a closer look. Ask people to take a look and listen to their criticism. The clearer the structure of your website, the easier it will be for your visitors to find their way around. It is then more likely that they will take a closer look at what you have on your site, share it, and maybe even recommend it to others.

Create unique content

If your site is based around a particular topic, then you should include unique content such as text or diagrams. Make sure your files are in the right format for your website. You may need to learn how to convert PNG to PDF or JPG to PNG to make sure your website is functioning optimally. Your content shouldn’t be copied from other websites and should cover one subject. The number of words required will depend on the subject that you wish to cover — however pages that don’t have a lot of text on them don’t show added value to search engines. So use your website’s subject as a guide to creating interesting content.

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Your content could be linked or shared by others and will help in the promotion of your site. Generating backlinks can show search engines the quality and relevance of your homepage; using a backlinking service provider can bolster this further, so you will appear even higher up search engine results.

Include exclusive video content

When developing your content marketing strategy, you should try to include video when you can. Video is always popular and when a business creates its own content consumers are encouraged to return if they want to see similar material later on.

There’s also an SEO benefit for being the first to create content. Search algorithms mostly know from where content originates, so the content creator will get the initial hits — rather than anyone who embeds it afterwards.

Update store details

If your site is linked to a local business, then you should connect the online and in-store experience — it will encourage users to visit your site frequently. Having up-to-date details on product availability is one way of improving your website, and research suggests consumers are beginning to expect this function more from small businesses.

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