Benefits of Motorized Blackout Shades

Benefits of Motorized Blackout Shades

Window blinds are the leading choice for most homeowners who want to cover their windows and limit the sunlight in their house. Not only that, but they are also used to give your windows a sleek and chic looking style that can spice up your interior.

Window treatments are a must-have if you own a house, which everyone does except for a homeless person. Having normal blackout shades have their benefits, but motorized shades are a real game-changer. They can be a valuable asset and give you the capability to control the shades from a comfortable distance.

According to a survey conducted in Irvine CA, smart motorized blackout shades were reasonable for a 12% increase in house energy efficiency. We will discuss that later in the article. So, here are some benefits of using motorized blackout shades in Irvine CA:

Safety of Your Family

When the matter is of the safety of your family, nothing should stop you from getting them the best comfort. Motorized shades come with a cordless design. The average window shades have a cord which poses a threat to small members of the family (your children) or your pets. They can wander off unknowingly and get tangled in the cord of your window shades.

This can cause choking or suffocation hazards, which can be life-threatening. For these reasons, automatic blackout shades are ideal for all houses with small children or pets.

Energy Efficient

Motorized blackout shades offer great control over light intensity in your home. You can open the blinds whenever you like. You can save energy by opening up all the blinds during the day time will help you cut down your electricity bills as you can turn off your lights and lamps while using the natural sunlight.

You can also program the blinds to automatically open and close on fixed times to give you maximum savings during the day.

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Protect Your Décor from Sunlight

Direct sunlight can cause discoloration, fading, and irreversible damage to your furniture. The somfy remote programming option in the motorized blinds will grant the homeowners the capability to program the window blinds to open and close at specific times without having the stress to do them all by yourself.

Some motorized window blinds come with a wall-mounted sun sensor too. These will further discard the need to program and reprogram the window blinds as the sensor will automatically detect when to open and close the blinds. The sensor will measure the heat and light intensity to adjust the blinds accordingly.


You cannot be at home all the time. And sometimes, while going out, you may forget to shut the blinds, which will give the opportunity to anyone peeking in and looking at your house. The electric blackout shadeswill close automatically after you leave home and keep your house safe from unwanted prying eyes.

The motorized window shades that can operate automatically throughout the day will make it look like someone is at home and keeping care of your house even if you are miles away. These act as a deterrent to potential thieves and prevent your house from being vulnerable.

Improves Quality of Sleep

It can be difficult to sleep in a room that is not dark enough. Having a remote blackout shade will help you alleviate this situation. The automated window shade will keep maximum lights out when you want it to and make your bedroom as dark and comfortable as you want. You can also achieve this with traditional curtains, but it will not give you an opportunity to see a peaceful morning.

Setting the window shade to open with the sunlight gradually will wake you up slowly rather than abruptly waking you up with extreme exposure to sunlight. Everyone can benefit from this feature as it gives a more natural feel.


Increase Value of Home

Having professionally installed blinds increase the value of your house exponentially. They will perfectly cover the windows to ensure maximum energy efficiency and add instant value to your house. Potential buyers will easily be able to tell the difference between a sloppy and professional installed blind.

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Whereas having electric blackout shades that open and close as you need them will add more value than regular blinds. Nowadays, motorized and smart window shades are a deal-breaker when buying and selling houses. Most real estate agents advise getting motorized shades to attract buyers as it yields a higher selling rate.

It will certainly not give much boost in the actual money value of your home, but it will certainly act as a catalyst for the buyers to buy your residence due to the current trends in technology.

Smart Home Integrations

The ability to connect all the smart devices with each other is the major reason to get smart home integrations. Unlike standard window coverings, electronic blackout shades can integrate very easily with other devices.

The ability to connect with other systems means you can set your electronic window blinds to work together with the thermostat and the nightlights. At night you can program your electronic blinds to close, turn the lights on/off and set the thermostat lower to a cooler/warmer temperature.

Control Blinds Without Touching Them

Button control also makes it easy for parents to control the blinds, even when they are busy with their house chores and duties. It makes it easy and safe for the children to open or close the blinds without having to pull any cords.

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When you are resting or reading or watching television, adjusting the blinds can be tedious. Remote Blackout Shades can either be set to close during the specific time whenever you want to sheath your house from the glaring sunlight!

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