The Link Between Painful Sex and the Possibility to Get Pregnant

The Link Between Painful Sex and the Possibility to Get Pregnant

Pain during sex (dyspareunia) can’t be considered normal. It can be caused by many factors and diseases, so it is better to find the underlying problem in order to avoid more negative consequences. Despite the fact that almost 50 percent of women have experienced painful sensations during intercourse at least once, you should know that pain can be a sign of certain problems with fertility.

Moreover, if you feel pain during sex, it may be difficult to get pregnant because you will more likely refuse intercourse altogether. In this article, we will tell you about the link between painful sex and the possibility to get pregnant.

Why does sex hurt?

There are many reasons why sex may hurt. The first sexual intercourse may be quite painful for some women but for others, it can feel good even for the first time. You can also feel pain if you have sex in an uncomfortable position. Deep penetration can hurt the cervix and vaginal wall and result in painful sensations.

You can easily avoid this pain by choosing more comfortable positions. Lack of foreplay can be another cause of pain during sex. Sexual arousal makes the reproductive organs shift and sex becomes more pleasant. But still, if you often feel that sex hurts, it may mean that you have health issues.

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The link between painful sex and fertility

Pain during sex can be caused by a number of conditions and diseases. But some of these diseases can affect your fertility by causing complications with conceiving and staying pregnant.


Endometriosis can make sex more painful during ovulation and near menstruation. This condition causes pain deep in the vagina and uterus. Symptoms of endometriosis may also include pelvic pain, discomfort during urination and severe cramping during menstruation.

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness can cause different sensations, from almost imperceptible discomfort to severe pain. This condition is usually caused by low estrogen levels that also affect the possibility to get pregnant.

Pelvic inflammatory disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease can also be a cause of pain during sex. Discomfort and pain usually occur deep in the pelvis, just like with endometriosis.

Ovarian cysts

Ovarian cysts usually don’t cause painful sensation during sexual intercourse but in some cases, they should be removed with the help of surgery. Ovarian cysts can be caused by a more serious condition like PCOS or endometriosis that interfere with your possibility to conceive.


Adhesions can lead to miscarriage and even infertility. These bands of tissue usually appear in organs or between them. Adhesions are usually caused by intrauterine surgeries. If you feel pain after the intrauterine procedure, it is better to make an appointment with your doctor.

How does pain during sex interfere with pregnancy?

Pain during sex itself doesn’t leed to infertility, but it can complicate the possibility to conceive. Vulvodynia and vaginismus are considered the most common conditions that can make you avoid sexual intercourse.

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Vulvodynia is a condition when a woman experiences pain in the vulva and vaginal opening. Pain can be constant or may appear from touch. The causes of vulvodynia are still unclear and treatment methods can be different for each case.

Vaginismus can also cause severe pain in the vagina during intercourse. Women with vaginismus report that they experience sharp pain and the feeling of tearing in the vagina. Some studies show that up to 40 percent of women experienced vaginismus during their lifetime.

Both these conditions can make sex feel uncomfortable and painful. If you are going to get pregnant but you also suffer from a certain disease that interferes with your sexual life, first and foremost you need to treat this underlying condition.

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