The Prene Bag to End All Bags

The Prene Bag to End All Bags

Prene Bags is a well known Melbourne based accessories label featuring bags made from lightweight, machine-washable neoprene (quite literally – a wetsuit.) If a bag made out of wetsuit material doesn’t scream Aussie Summer, then we don’t know what does; if they aren’t already…Prene Bags need to be a staple in your wardrobe! The brand’s focus is simple: uncomplicated, classic and practical. Prene Bags are uniquely designed to fit any person and any lifestyle – whether you’re a proud Mama, full-time office worker or athlete; these bags are the epitome of a perfect fusion of fashion and functionality.

Prene Bags is a completely vegan brand, creating their now iconic Aussie bags from a hard-wearing alternative to more traditional materials, while reinforced rope handles are effortlessly comfortable to wear and comfortable to hold. The label is also people friendly, with all products designed in Melbourne and ethically manufactured, enabling customers to shop with a social and environmental conscience when purchasing their Prene Bags.


Since launching as a side project from the bedroom of a 20 year old uni student, in just over three years, girl boss entrepreneur Tammy Green has now grown Prene Bags into an instantly recognizable and coveted label, being stocked in over 400 stores worldwide.

Prene bags boasts an extensive range of styles from totes, cross-body bags and backpacks, to cosmetic bags and the retro favourite bum bag. All designed with practicality in mind, these bags are perfect for anyone who wants to fuse fashion and functionality. For any mamas worried about spillage or mess out there, Prene has answered the call… the neoprene material makes Prene Bags 100% waterproof and resistant to oil; just pop it through the washing machine in a mesh washing bag on a gentle/cool wash and it will come out good as new! If you’re still not sold on why Prene Bags are the new black then here are some more things to consider:

  • They come in a large range of designs and colours
  • They are waterproof!
  • They are vegan
  • They are ethically made
  • The material is soft, breathable and flexible
  • They are incredibly easy to clean – just throw them into your washing machine
  • Can be used for most outfits, activewear, leisurewear; whether it be day or night
  • They are lightweight
  • They are durable
  • They are comfortable to hold/wear
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prene bags

Here’s a little bit about how the Prene Bags label came to be:

“The brand first came about in 2015. I knew I was onto something when I gave my mum a sample bag to carry out to dinner one night. Five people stopped and asked her where she bought her bag. I could see then that there was potential for what I thought could be a little side venture whilst I was studying my first year of business at university. Little did I know that it would explode beyond my wildest expectations – and result in the brand you see today.

I began expanding the range by designing styles that quite simply – I wanted to carry. As a consumer, what I sought in a bag was something uncomplicated, classic and practical. Crafting the bags from perforated neoprene gave these elements a very unique, cool look. This aesthetic really resonated with our customers and has now become our signature style.

– Tammy Green, Founder & Director, Prene Bags

Prene Bags are proudly stocked at HyperLuxe activewear North Beach, Applecross, Dunsborough and online.


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