8 Reasons Why an Apprenticeship is Better Than a Degree

8 Reasons Why an Apprenticeship is Better Than a Degree

University degree or Vocational Education Training (VET)? This is one of the biggest debates in the Australian education sector but the choice is clear – an apprentice is better than a degree and let us tell you why:

1. You Earn While You Learn

Yes, you read that right. How amazing is it to get paid to study and work? Sure, it might not be a lot but at least you won’t experience the financial stress experienced by university students who live on a shoestring budget throughout the duration of their course. A regular income starts kicking in for university students only after obtaining their degree so as an apprentice, you don’t need to think twice before treating yourself to some barista-made coffee or avocado toast.

2. Affordable Course Fees

Although it certainly helps having the support of HECS/HELP but it also means you will be out of university with thousands of dollars owing to the Government. VET course fees are significantly lower than university fees. Furthermore, selected VET courses have been reduced by 50% for 2020.

3. You Gain Real World Experience

Unlike university learning where you undertake ‘role plays’ and other simulated learning activities, an apprenticeship will give you real world experience and exposure to real life situations. The ability to learn a new skill and apply it in the workplace is an excellent way to gain competency quickly.

4. You Can Get a Head Start

Statistics reveal that only 67% of graduates under 25 years old find full-time jobs straight after graduation. Since an apprenticeship can be undertaken while still in school or immediately after completing school, you can get a career head start unlike University graduates. By the time you complete your apprenticeship, you will have enough experience under your belt to find employment relatively quickly. That explains why 82% of VET graduates find employment immediately after finishing their course.

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5. You Develop Important Skills

An apprenticeship will undoubtedly force you to grow up quickly. Due to the real life work experience you gain through an apprenticeship, you will develop employability and life skills such as independence and responsibility well before your University counterparts.

6. You Earn Just as Much if Not More

There is a misconception that trade workers earn less than professionals but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Trade workers earn just as much if not more compared to University graduates. In fact, the median income of trade workers right after course completion is $56,000 per year while University graduates earn $54,000 per year.

7. You Will Be in High Demand

Trade jobs in Australia are usually in high demand due to short labour supply. Construction, automotive and engineering industries have plenty of jobs available that require suitably qualified workers. On the other hand, the job market is flooded with University graduates competing for limited white-collar roles.

Now that we have got you convinced in pursuing an apprenticeship over a degree, you might want to visit this site for any Apprenticeships and Traineeships if you are based in Australia. Remember, there are over 600 different apprenticeships and traineeships to choose from depending on the country you live in, so take your time in deciding.

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