Reasons to Hire an After Hours GP

Reasons to Hire an After Hours GP

Most of us appreciate the value of having a family GP, but these days, regular GP practices don’t tend to offer home visits or services outside of regular business hours. While you may have a hospital nearby with an emergency room, fortunately, most situations are not threatening, making a trip to the hospital seem unnecessary. This is where an after-hours GP service can fill the gap. If you’re still not sure why after-hours doctors would benefit you, here are just some of the reasons to consider.

Emergency Services

One of the most important features of After Hours GP service is that they offer emergency services. While you may not think twice about heading out to the hospital if you suspect you’ve broken a bone, there are other situations where you or your loved one may be in pain, but not feel it is serious enough to go to the hospital. However, if you can’t wait until the next business day when your family GP practice is open, an after-hours doctor can help. The after hours GP will provide a home visit to check the patient and prescribe a course of treatment, where necessary.

Genuine GP Expertise

While anyone can head on to the internet to check for their symptoms, nothing matches the expertise of genuine health care professionals. After hours GPs have a general practitioner degree, so they can diagnose conditions and prescribe medication. Whether you’re in pain or have another medical issue, you don’t need to get yourself worked up about the symptoms listed on a website, as your after-hours doctor will provide you with an accurate diagnosis and recommend treatment.

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Access to Treatment for Those with Limited Mobility

If your loved one is disabled or struggles with mobility issues, such as an elderly relative, having a proper checkup can be problematic. In these scenarios, the patient may struggle to get to a GP surgery, particularly when they feel unwell. An after-hours doctor can provide access to treatment for those with limited mobility issues. Whether it involves fever, vomiting, or other acute illnesses or an injury check after a fall, a home visit can often be less traumatic for those who struggle with mobility. If the after-hours doctor does determine the issue is serious, they can help coordinate medical attention from a local hospital.

Routine Health Care

Family general practitioners are well regarded for offering routine health care, but there may be situations where an after-hours GP can provide a more appropriate service. For example, if you have a blood pressure imbalance, the stress of getting out to your GP practice may alter the readings. So a home visit may provide better checking and tracking of the situation. If you are referred to a specialist, the detailed reports are likely to come in handy and provide an opportunity for a more effective treatment plan and recovery.

If you would like to find out more about After Hours Doctor, be sure to speak to us. We offer After Hours doctor services throughout the Perth area and would be delighted to help.


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