6 Tips on How to Make Your Wedding Less Expensive

6 Tips on How to Make Your Wedding Less Expensive

While planning a wedding, spendings can grow faster than you notice that you are out of your budget. Most couples are looking for opportunities to save some money on their wedding but at the same time, no one wants the wedding to look cheap. The challenge is to find ways to reduce the cost of your wedding so that no one would guess about it. Here is a list of six tips on how to make your wedding less expensive.

1. Set your own music

You can skip the wedding DJ and easily create the wedding playlist for the reception to your taste. You can find a lot of useful applications that will help you run the playlist on your wedding. There are also excellent services that are able to customize your own wedding music in a more convenient way. But if you decide to go DYI route, you need to test everything in advance and appoint someone to watch the music in case of any technical problems.

2. Craft your wedding invitations

Even if you are not keen on graphic design, there are a lot of online resources that can help you to create custom invitations for your wedding. These wedding invitations give the couple the ability to create their own wedding invitations using customizable templates. They have the possibility to enter any wedding details and information. An additional advantage of these resources is that you can print as many invitations as you need because there is no minimum order amount. You can also print these designs on a home printer or at a print shop, depending on your budget.

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3. Shop at wholesale or secondhand stores

You can buy a lot of items that can be used as wedding decorations, to serve dishes or even food for the reception at wholesale stores. Shopping in such stores can bring significant savings, no matter how large or small these items are. You can get a significant discount on items such as cutlery, napkins, dishes, drinks, and much more at wholesale stores. Don’t forget to check out your local flea markets and thrift stores because there you may find many items that can be used as wedding decor. Most likely, you will find things that will perfectly fit the vintage or rustic style of your wedding at the local second-hand shop.

4. Limit your photographer’s hours

One more possible way to save money on your wedding is to limit the working hours of your photographer and videographer. Hire them for the ceremony and a few hours after it but you can let them go before dancing. Moreover, your gest will probably take a lot of pictures and you can always ask them to share these pics with you.

5. Pick inexpensive flowers

Choosing inexpensive flowers, such as carnations, for your wedding can save you a few hundreds of dollars without losing the whole style. These flowers are significantly cheaper than other wedding flowers and are usually available all year-round. Stick to a completely white color palette to create an elegant atmosphere. You can also save some money on wedding flowers by choosing flowers which bloom in your area, as they will be more affordable.

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6. Skip cocktail hour

You can cancel the official cocktail hour after the ceremony in order to save money. Instead of offering snacks and cocktails, just go to the reception, dinner, and other celebrations. This option is especially suitable if you take care of your wedding photos before the ceremony. If you have some extra time, you can use it to have the reception line. This tradition offers a pleasant opportunity for a couple to personally greet their guests so that everyone has the opportunity to chat with the newlyweds.


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