2020 Bridal Makeup Trends

2020 Bridal Makeup Trends

There are so many things on your wedding to-do list, from venue, food, finalize your guest list. But one thing which shouldn’t cause worry is dressing up, makeup and hairstyle. But it is not as easy and simple as you think, after all, it’s your big day. So, what you got months in your hand it’s never too early to start preparing for your big day. You have a dream for your bridal look whole your life, this is your time to roll.

There has been a strong shift in the bridal world, minimal beauty is the new thing. Gone are the days of heavy contour, pink lip color, brides want to enhance their natural beauty on their day, rather than concealing it.

Inspired from the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, refreshing and minimal bridal look is becoming very popular and trending. Brides of 2020 must-have started the preparation and if not, then don’t worry we got your back.

Ready to see all of our favorite 2020 Bridal Makeup Trends? May be on them will end be the center of the attraction of your wedding day look!

Natural Skin Look for Regular Bride

The biggest thing we are noticing is the trend of skin look. Normally, in daily life, not many women wear a ton of makeup. So, they don’t want to look completely different. Have comfort and fun with the makeup is all they want. A good makeup should be the part of elegant dressing sense.

Instead of using the foundation go with the concealer and let your natural skin glow. Focus on your area you need more coverage and apply sheer foundation on your skin to glow on your big day. And in place of high base makeup go for decent smooth finishing of your skin.

Care – less – Hairstyle

You’ll never get disappointed in this way, as careless hairstyles are still in. While you can add some blooms to you, walking down the aisle with fragrance and fresh flowers wouldn’t hurt anybody. You can go big and bold with flowers – it’s safe, timeless and a lot romantic. And admit it, you don’t want to tie up your hair tightly and spray it.

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Meghan Markle’s carefree messy bun is the proof. Or you can have little rolls to your hair or for a messy and captivating look. 2020 is all about letting your hair down for a more natural and freer look at your wedding. Also, apply a hair mask day-before your wedding to assure that your hair looks hydrated and healthy.

A Kiss of Colored Lip Color

No makeup look is incomplete with a classy bold lip color. A glossy tint is a perfect way to add colors to your look. Keeping your whole face minimal and adding a statement lip color will pull all your look together. Matching lip color of your florals or color of your bridesmaid is also a great idea.

An ideal red lipstick which creates the most gorgeous pairing with your white dress. While pink and nudes are here to stay forever, brides are more drawn towards a burgundy and purple this season. For everlasting impression, bold statement lip color will look stunning when you walk down the aisle.

More Rosy Blush, Less Contour

Rosy Glow is the new thing in the bridal world. It’s refreshing, romantic and perfect for someone who wants grace and elegance in their look. Adding color to your look will pop out your charisma. Some women do not need more contour as they have naturally beautiful features, they just need some blush and they are ready to rock. So, know your face before applying anything blindly.

You can use a combination of cream and powder blush to achieve the look or you can go for cream blush as it blends completely with your skin and gives you warmer desirable look. Keep your makeup youthful with a touch of pink blush at apple of your cheeks.

Play with Colors at Your Wedding

When it’s your big day, don’t be afraid to play with colors. Brides are starting to be okay with colors. Adding colored liner and shimmer to your look will balance your look with your bare skin makeup look. Brides love to be little experimental nowadays. You can wear a colored linear or shimmer your eyelids for a refreshing gorgeous look. 2020 is all about breaking the taboos and accept the new trends with open arms.

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Glittery Shimmery Nail Polish

Have fun with shimmery nail polish colors. Pick a color that matches your wedding day theme and add a glittery touch to it. Show a bit of creativity with your bold colors with glittery finishing. Black nails with glitters will also make an eye-catching manicure.

Your hands should shine bright, like your. Wedding Ring. It should complement the beauty of the ring, avoiding nail polish is not-a-good-idea. Because without colors and shimmer your hands will look dull, and we think at your wedding day you don’t want that, right?

Everyone Loves Healthy Glowing Skin

Nothing can take place of a naturally glowing skin! Take care of your skin and from today only. Hydrated skin is always trendy. Healthy skin creates a glowing complexion naturally, forget highlighter it will make your skin look thousand times better and shining. Makeup will look more natural and stunning on hydrated skin. If you use tone on products on your skin then avoid doing so, at least till your wedding. And try to use natural products and moisturize your skin.

We have narrow down the Bridal Makeup Trends, For the brides who are tying the knot in 2020. We have talked about the essentials of makeup and we are not saying that you should only follow these trends. You should create your own style and look as it is your’s big day.

Keeping these points in mind will help you to crack the look more easily. Bridal makeup is a personal thing, every bride is different so do their style. From jewel-encrusted headbands to bold color lipsticks you have a lot to-do. Spark like a star, bloom like a flower and dance down to your aisle. It’s your day, make it gorgeous and stunning just like you!

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