Types of Security Fencing Available in The Market

Types of Security Fencing Available in The Market

To protect your privacy, apart from doors and windows, you also need a fence around your dwelling to keep intruders out and vandalism at bay. It adds that extra layer of security that helps you relax at home without worrying about the burglary. Earlier, there were only wood and metal fences, but now it has also become advanced. There are so many types of security fencing available today that it becomes quite confusing for homeowners to decide which one to install. Here are the 5 types of security fences that you can choose from.

Wood Fencing

This is the most common type of security fencing opted by homeowners. Partly because wood fencing is relatively cheaper than other types of fences, and secondly, they are more durable. They are incredibly long-lasting. You can install a high wooden fence or a small wooden fence as per your individual choice. The cost of the installation will depend on the height of the fence. The wooden fence durability will also depend on the type of wood used to make the wooden fence.

Chain Link Fencing

Opt for this type of fencing if you want a low-maintenance fence. Chain link fencing is cheap and durable, like a wooden fence, but they do not offer much privacy to your home. To gain more privacy, you can add bushes and shrubs.

Palisade Fencing

This type of security fencing provides a higher level of security than the two types of fencing mentioned above. It is made up of rolled steel sheets, and you can opt for W palisade fencing or D palisade fencing. These kinds of fencing tend to be quite high and hence cannot be climbed easily, thus successfully keeping away robbers. The W palisade fencing offers more security than D. But remembers, palisade fencing is not cheap.

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Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing looks beautiful and is very strong. But it is a high maintenance fence option. You need to repaint them every two years to keep them from looking rusty and dull. They do not offer much privacy, but they come in different designs and styles. These kinds of fences are custom-made. Like palisade fencing, they are not cheap either.

Solar Powered Fencing

Solar-powered security fencing offers a high level of security, and at the same time saves you a lot on energy bills. Since they are solar-powered, they need not be placed near an electric point. They work much the same way as an electric fence. Opt for this type of fencing if you stay in a place where you receive enough sunlight.

What Are The Advantages Of Installing A Fence?

The first most significant advantage of installing security fencing is an increased level of security. Apart from keeping strangers and criminals out, it also bars wild animals from entering and damaging your property. A fence also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Since fences now come in different designs and styles, a beautiful fence can increase your property value in the market. Remember the gates and fences are the first thing that your visitors interact with, so a fence can leave an impression on your visitors.


Security fencing allows you to protect your privacy from prying eyes of the passing strangers on the streets and nosy neighbours. Planting trees and bushes around the fence will further increase your level of privacy. A fence allows you to define where your property lines lie clearly. This keeps away property disputes with your neighbours, and you can take certain actions to maintain your property.

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