Everything about Pool Renovations

Everything about Pool Renovations

You have a pool. It could be a residential pool, i.e. an inground pool; it could be a commercial pool that you use to host swimming competitions or training sessions. Regardless of the kind of pool we are talking about, with time, pool renovation is a regular occurrence. Well, there can be a number of reasons for pool renovation, sometimes the pool might need a repair, or you want to change the look of the pool or any other reason. It ensures the pool goes a long way. New skin to the pool will extend its life, as well as provide a different look if desired by the owner.

Types of pool renovations

While a number of renovations can be done to a pool, here a few tasks that are demanded the most, and are offered by most of the pool renovation agencies:

Pool resurfacing- This is a common way to cover the damage of the pool. Besides, it will add a lot of years to its life. While resurfacing, you might choose to add a skin, or a change, which will essentially change the aesthetic feel of the pool. There are service providers who will present you with an array of nature resembling pool surfaces, and other finishes to choose from. For example, if your pool has a simple concrete finish, then you can enhance the look by adding stones or shells to it. This will make the pool look modern and appealing.

Tile- Another popular form of pool renovation is the changing of the pool tiles. You might choose to change the worn-out tiles of your pool surface after a few years of fitting them. Over a period of time, they tend to lose their texture and look. To make your pool look brand new, you can change the tiles. Many pool builders are there who will help you with this service. Pool tile fitting is not like fitting the tiles inside a house. These tiles are subject to natural elements, chemicals, and constantly being submerged in water. So, it is essential to hire a specialized crew for this particular job.

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Coping- Coping is primarily a decorative pool renovation procedure. Coping is a decorative edge that is fitted around the pool. Your pool might be initially fitted with coping. If so, changing it could significantly alter the decorative aspect of the pool. If the pool was not initially fitted with a coping, adding one will further beautify your pool. Apart from being a pool beautifying element, coping essentially protects the pool structure and the tiles. The rough surface of the coping also reduces unwanted injuries, by preventing slips on the splashed water from the pool.

Pool renovation 1

Pool Deck- Pool decks are primarily decorative pool renovations. Changing pool decks can change the whole look and appeal of the pool. You might like to choose from concrete pavers, natural stones, porcelain, or such other materials for pool decks.

LED Lighting – Well, this is currently trending in the market. If you are looking for a good and modern change in the pool, then you must choose LED lighting. It ensures that the pool looks staggering and beautiful.

Equipment Installation- Pool renovation also includes installation of various types of equipment; take, for example, lights, pumps, fountains, filters, etc.

Structural Change- Structural change means to make significant changes to the structure of the pool. You might choose to change the shape of the pool from a circle to an oval, or a square, or even a combination of shapes. This can be a costly affair, so you must first examine your budget and the condition of the pool before going ahead with the renovation.

Final Call- So, these are some of the most common pool renovation jobs people owning pools go for. As it is with most of the things today, pool renovation jobs are offered by a number of agencies. So, you need to choose the one that suits your requirements the most. Make sure that you hire the best pool builders for the proper and right renovation of the pool. You should also hire a cleaning service provider near you so that they can clean your pool weekly.

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