Interview Pep: The Things the Experts Don’t Tell you

Interview Pep: The Things the Experts Don’t Tell you

It’s potentially life-changing, and it goes without saying that preparing for an interview is an experience that prompts bouts of nerves.

While we don’t hold all of the answers about how you can eradicate such nerves, there are some tips you can implement which can enhance your chances of success.

Some of these pointers are by no means obvious, so through the course of today’s article, we will dissect them in further detail.

You are what you wear

It’s a huge cliché, but make no mistake about it, your choice of clothing is crucial when it comes to interviewing.

We are now entering the informal office age, and this makes it very difficult to gauge what you should be wearing. In other words, as everyone in your potential office is donning jeans and a t-shirt, also choose dress to look elegance is a suit really the right course of action for the interview itself?

Well, there’s no hard and fast answer to this question. What we will say is that you will never be penalized for overdressing. It might be worth wearing something like a pair of leather Chelsea boots, which might not be the most formal option in your wardrobe, but look completely smart and will help your plight no-end.

Be wary about body language

If studies are to be believed, body language is a crucial element of the communication process. It’s something that can contribute as much as 55% of the message you are trying to communicate – so it stands to reason that you need to get this nailed to a tee during an interview.

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Starting with a firm handshake is good advice while avoiding sitting with your arms folded is another. In short, do some research on body language long before you arrive for your interview – you’ll be amazed at some of the signs you give off without even realizing it.

Don’t rely on the clichés

At university, we’re all told about the perfect answers. There is a big problem with that sentence though – “we’re all told”.

In other words, these so-called perfect answers have done the rounds so many times that everyone has heard them. It means that you almost don’t sound sincere when you deliver them.

What’s the best approach? Be yourself. This sounds a cliché in itself, but by giving personal, real-life examples you will do yourself far more favors than anything the standard books and lectures will teach you.

Don’t forget to have your own bank of questions

Finally, it’s not all about preparing for the questions that your interview panels are going to pose for you.

Another important element is fine-tuning the answers you are going to reply with. This is something that can really show how much you understand a position, and potentially the value you are going to bring to it.

Again, avoiding the cliché questions is key here. Find out the inner details of a role and ask them. You may also start to build up more through the course of the interview.

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