Common Reasons Why You Have Blocked Drains In Your House

Common Reasons Why You Have Blocked Drains In Your House

There are a few things in life that annoy us to a large extent and one of the major things amongst these is a blocked drain. A blocked drain leads to several inconveniences like the plumbing system or the running water may get hindered and create major havoc. Even if you have running water, this is obvious that your plumbing must work properly in perfect order in order to turn on the tap in the first place. You should ideally not put yourself in a situation when you have to be inconvenienced and soon you have to call for emergency repairs. You should also keep your piping completely free and clear or else you need to opt for expensive repairs in the near future. Here are the common reasons for blocked drains. These reasons are explained here.

Growth Of Vegetation

Although this is not the most common cause of blocked drain, this particular factor could indeed lead to some of the most expensive repairs which you might have to deal with in the near future. Often our piping systems have been installed when our homes were built long ago, and new and unseen blockages can occur by way of root systems from trees and other vegetation growth. The roots of a tree can slowly exert pressure on the plumbing line which causes them to bend, break, leaked or blocked which worsens the condition with passing time. Often the repairing needs expensive machinery, for digging in your property.

Foreign Objects

f your tub or sink was in a perfect draining condition just a few days back and all of a sudden seems to become clogged, you may be dealing with some object stuck inside the pipes. This can occur when an object is left by a sink that does not have a drain screen or filter. Even if the object does not completely block the pipes firstly, this may still begin to accumulate the debris which eventually leads to the blocked drains in the upcoming future. Some kids are quite familiar with the random objects being dug out of the pipes which are often found to be toys.

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If you’re noticing a clog in your kitchen sink, this may be due to the build-up of oils. There are several types of lard and greases that can clog up the drains very quickly. You should avoid throwing the excess cooking grease down the disposal drain to prevent clogging. There are several types of hot greases in liquified forms that may get inside the plumbing and then solidify later while grabbing ahold of the accumulated debris and food particles. This will probably create a difficult and strong clog that has a strong potential of damaging the pipes.


If you have been noticing blocked drain in your bathroom, then the most likely cause of the same is the storage of hair. The long-stranded hair may become tangled and create larger balls which eventually forms a net-like structure. The netting begins to trap several other debris and smaller hair as well and create a major clog that would eventually result in a blocked drain. So, you should make use of a strainer in all the bathroom sinks and tubs to avoid the problem of blocked drains.


You should never attempt to flush some random objects down the toilet in order to avoid the problem of blocked drains. The common things that we often tend to flush down the toilet are cotton swabs and Q-tips.


You should necessarily be careful about preventing the common causes of a blocked drain and this problem would be at bay forever.

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