There’s no doubt that clogged drains are nasty. It doesn’t need to sugar-coating it because that’s a fact. It will not only cause an inconvenience for the people in the house but also it will risk your health. The bacteria that swarm and encourage odor-inducing can be dangerous. If your drains are often getting blocked, then you should call for help from an emergency plumbers in Sydney.

The drains blocked can happen anytime, but here are some tips for you to prevent it from happening.

  1. Clean the Food Scraps from Your Drain

Throwing some food scraps from the leftovers when you wash the dishes might you do unconsciously. However, the food scraps can block your drains if you keep doing it. Therefore, you need to be more careful while washing the dishes that still have some food scraps. It would be better to just throw the food scraps directly into a bin, instead of letting it fill the drain.

2. Coffee can Block Your Drains

It’s easy to clean an instant coffee. But the opposite happens to the ground coffee. Sometimes people just take the easiest step by rinsing it down the drain because it’s quite hard to scoop it out from the coffee pot. The ground coffee that builds up in the kitchen plumbing system can cause your drains clogged. You need a spoon to get all the ground into the bin; thereby it won’t block your drains.

3. Blocked Drains from Plants and Dirt

Getting regular garden maintenance is necessary because it’s important for the productivity of your pipes and drains. The natural debris like trees and leaves are not the only culprits that can cause blocked drains. The roots from the trees that are growing underneath your drains are also bad news. Make sure to keep your outdoor area clear from fallen leaves and other natural debris. Don’t forget to ensure that your trees are well-watered, so they are less drawn to the water’s source like drains.

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4. Expensive Toilet Papers Cause Blocked Drains

A habit like disposing toiletries into your drains can cause a big problem for your pipes and sewer. The most common toiletries are the nappies and baby pipes. It’ll get immersed with the water. The items will absorb the moisture and will be thicker and quickly blocking your drains. Same goes to the toilet papers. They might look cute but they are as dangerous as other toiletries for your pipes. The toilet paper that gets disposed into the pipes will also get thicker when they absorb moisture, and can block your drains. Therefore, prevent yourself from throwing any toiletries into your drains and pipes.

5. Drains Get Blocked because of Heavy Rain and Storm

The heavy rain can cause your drains experience flood. It’s because the water that build up in your pipes and drains. They never designed to be ready to take the full impact of this kind of weather. Therefore, you need to clean the blockage that’s caused by the heavy rain. You can call the plumbers to help you clean the blockage and remove the wastewater. They can also help you to prevent a potential flood in your house or yard.

The blocked drains problem can be a major cause of nuisance, not to mention that they may also lead to the water damage in your building. If you find the water in your bath or sink are flowing slower to empty, then you must check its condition as soon as possible. If your drains keep getting blocked, then you should contact professional plumber in your resident, to get it fixed. There are many reasons of water damage and taking precautions can save the water.

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