How to Improve the Success of Your First Newsletter

How to Improve the Success of Your First Newsletter

Do you remember MySpace, AIM or GeoCities? These once-popular services failed to stick around. Despite being older than any of them, email has managed to prevail to the point that even now, it remains essential to all internet users. According to Statista, over 3.7 billion people use email today. By 2021, that number is expected to reach 4.1 billion.

If someone wants to know how to increase traffic to their website, improve conversion rates, provide value to their audience, enhance customer relations and keep buyers coming back, email is a common answer – and rightfully so. It’s inexpensive, accessible, versatile and effective.

Just how effective, you may ask? The National Client Email Report for the British DMA listed an average ROI of 3800% for newsletter marketing. In order to leverage this immense potential, you need to know what makes a successful newsletter.

Take a Step Back

Your first step is to build an active mailing list that will continue to grow. Give your audience a good reason to sign up. Depending on your industry, this can include order discounts, free digital material, exclusive access or special offers. Think about what makes your audience tick and how you can provide value that makes it enticing to opt-in.

Test Deliverability

Before sending your first email, you need to ensure that they’ll reach your subscribers. This guide by Sendinblue details how you can check email deliverability. Using their tools, you can perform an inbox test that will help you identify any potential deliverability issues and resolve them with the relevant email provider.

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This helps you avoid losing valuable prospects to undelivered emails. In addition to deliverability testing, Sendinblue offers a variety of powerful tools to add to your marketing arsenal. This includes a newsletter designer, automation tools, real-time analytics and much more. Pick up the free version to give it a test drive.

Time it Right

Identify your target audience and imagine a day in their life. When are they awake? When are they at work? What do they do during the day? This will help you determine when you’ll obtain the best results from your newsletter. This CNBC interview with a former MailChimp Chief Data Scientist reports that the best time is generally in the week at midday.

Optimize Your Subject Line

Your subject line needs to stand out among a sea of other emails that are competing for your readers’ attention. Use statements that entice curiosity without being too cryptic. You can also play on psychological principles such as the fear of missing out, comedy, vanity, greed, and subject lines that are personalized to include the recipient’s name.

Work on Your Content

The quality of your content will determine whether your readers will open emails from you in the future. Get it right and they might even look forward to your next newsletter. In a similar light, take some time to create an effective call-to-action, as this will influence your click-through rates.

Email Marketing Software is no simple science. Don’t hesitate to think outside of the box and experiment to find what works best for your business.

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