3 Accessories You Need For Your HVAC System

3 Accessories You Need For Your HVAC System

Whether you experience indoor allergies or just want fresh air in your home, accessories to your HVAC system can make a difference in your quality of life. Just as smart technology has improved the way we live, it has also enhanced our capabilities to attain clean, fresh air and more inviting homes. Here are several accessories to improve your home’s HVAC system.

A New Kind of Air Filtration System

3 Accessories You Need For Your HVAC System

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Perhaps you’ve never gotten down and dirty with a used air filter. But there’s more dust in your house than just what you sweep up with your broom. A microscopic analysis of household dust could show dust mites, pollen, tiny textile fibers, and plant fabric, along with the expected grains of dirt. For this reason, your house may already have a fiberglass filter system installed. Although it is designed to be changed once a month, that’s a deadline that can be easy to miss with our busy schedules.

Other options besides fiberglass are now available, including a portable ionization system or a whole-house electrical system. You may even use an ultraviolet light system to sterilize your air and reduce risk of airborne transmission of bacteria and viruses.

A fiberglass system creates a physical barrier to trap dust, while an electrical system works by charging dust particles and capturing them in a receptacle designed to attract the charged particles. Just as fiberglass systems can have a whole-house design, the newer filtration methods are also available in this model. The ultraviolet light system, which is used in medical settings to stop the spread of illness, can also be part of a whole-home air cleaning system.

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A System to Trap Smoke

Since charge-based systems do a much better job than fiberglass filters at trapping smoke, they may be a great addition to a particular room or rooms where this is an issue. Ionic-filtration systems are similar to whole-house electric filtration systems, except that they can be purchased as stand-alone systems to address localized air quality issues.

A System With All the Information

You know you should change an old filter, but how do you know when? Now, there are smart home systems available that will tell you when to replace your filters, just one of a plethora of convenient features. Some can even advise you if there is an issue with your system that needs repair.

These smart thermostats have features that can help keep your rooms the temperature you want as well, both when you’re at home and away. You won’t have to remember to change the thermostat when you leave the house, if you have a model that detects when you’re away based on the GPS system in your phone. Some models also offer options such as voice controls and recognition of your habits. A learning model could adjust to your schedule and give you energy-saving advice based on what it observes of these habits.

Thanks to these new inventions and use of emerging technology, we can enjoy smart homes in addition to smart phones. With just the right accessory for our HVAC systems, we can control our environment and live more comfortable lives.

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