Why is Learning First Aid an Advantage for Job Applicants?

Why is Learning First Aid an Advantage for Job Applicants?

At home, in school, on the road, or at the workplace—accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. For this reason, it’s important to be trained in first aid so you are in a position to help yourself and perhaps even save someone else’s life.

It’s easy to find registered training organisations that offer first aid courses in Brisbane CBD and other highly-urbanized areas in the country. These days, first aid training is a valued experience because of the practical benefits that it offers, especially in emergency situations.

First aid training, as well as the certifications that come with completing these training, can be an asset to anyone in the job market or those who are planning to change careers or workplaces. Below are some of the reasons why training and certification in first aid can give you an edge over other applicants:

1. You gain more confidence.

Having first aid training can make a tremendous difference at home, in public, and especially in the workplace. Learning a life-saving skill empowers you with the belief that you are capable of saving someone’s life.

The same confidence can apply when working with tight deadlines and coping with high-pressure work responsibilities. Also, the more confidence you have, the more calmly you can tackle problems and provide sound solutions.

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2. It is considered a beneficial skill.

A person with first aid training is important in all working environments, especially if the work is physically demanding. Having this experience also suggests that the job applicant is an outstanding team player and is ready to take on additional responsibilities on top of everyday work if necessary.

Other qualities that employers also assume you have if you’re trained in first aid is focus and a determination to improve yourself. This paints a picture of a person who wants to improve upon the current skill set and take steps to gain extra qualifications.

3. Protection for you and your colleagues.

As an individual who is trained in first aid, you have more control over health and safety practices as you are able to spot hazards. You are also in a position to implement precautionary safety measures around the workplace, which greatly reduces the possibility of an accident.

Minimising risks to workers and decreasing workplace incidents are beneficial to everyone, but for employers, it has implications within all aspects of business operations.

4. It saves businesses time and money.

Workplace accidents can be expensive. However, having a competent individual with first aid skills can prove to be very cost-effective, saving the business time and money.

Giving the injured immediate attention can shorten their recovery time and thus reduce their time off work and prevent delays in projects. Because of this, companies look favourably on applicants who indicate that they have first aid training. Employers can already foresee how this can be beneficial for their business operations.

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5. It helps create a more positive work environment.

Positive work environment and high employee morale are integral parts of any company. High morale leads to positive attitudes and, consequently, positive results.

The presence of a first aider in the workplace can help employees feel safer and more secure while they are working because they know that they can rely on someone to lead or help them in an emergency situation. This feeling of safety and satisfaction, in turn, can help them focus more on their jobs and improving their productivity.

Having First-Aid Training Lets You Become a Go-Getter

First aid training is something that can truly benefit your personal life and your career. Not only does it help you become a better and more capable human being, but it can also increase your chances of getting a high-paying job with an established company. So, what are you waiting for? Look for a first aid training program near you and start broadening your skillset.

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