Which Type of Air Conditioning System Is Best for Me

Which Type of Air Conditioning System Is Best for Me

There are different types of air-conditioners which suit a variety of needs. They include the split unit, the ductless mini split system, the multi split, and the central air conditioning system. The split unit has an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit consists of the cooling blower and air filters, while the outdoor unit includes the compressor, the condenser, and capillary tubing. Splits can be ductless or hybrid units. Finally, there is the central AC unit which operates using a system of return and supply ducts. Here’s how to determine which kind is best for you.

Type of Home

Which Type of Air Conditioning System Is Best for Me

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If you live in a small apartment building on the top floor, central air conditioning may not be a good idea. Consider a split ductless unit which is just the right size for an apartment building.

Size of Area to be Cooled

If you’re looking to cool just one room in your house, the simple split unit is right for you. This unit requires drilling a hole in the wall, to pass pipes or ducts between the indoor (which may stand on the floor or be hung on the wall) and outdoor unit. For this same reason, ductless splits are also useful if you’re cooling only one room. It’s the most cost-effective option, and while professional installation is recommended, it is not always necessary.

If you’d like to cool more than one room, consider a multiple split unit. This is a cost-effective option which lets you install more than one indoor unit in various rooms around the house. You can set different temperatures in these rooms.

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To cool your entire home, a central system which uses ducts is perfect. This is the least conspicuous of all the times mentioned. You can set different temperatures for different rooms and enjoy energy efficiency. This option also offers the best cooling or heating power.

Cost of AC Unit

If you’re on a tight budget, the central HVAC unit is probably not a good idea. This is the most expensive of the lot for purchase and installation. Consider a split unit instead. First, it costs less to buy and install. Secondly, with fewer or no ducts, there’s less room for energy loss, making this unit more energy efficient.

Available Duct Systems

For some homeowners, the presence of ductwork is an important factor in deciding which type of air conditioning to use in their home. To them, minimal ductwork means quick and easy installation plus reduced maintenance over time. Ductless mini-splits are perfect for these kinds of homes, because instead of ducts, they use tubing and electrical wiring. In addition, this system is less susceptible to leaks.

In addition to the listed factors, the need for extra features such as a furnace, a filtration system, or a thermostat can also be useful in choosing an air conditioning system for your home. If you already possess any of the equipment listed, then a split unit or multi-split will serve your purpose. However, if you require an all-in-one solution, a packaged central air conditioning will meet your needs. Use these tips to determine which unit is best for you.

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