6 Landscaping Lessons That Can Serve Dining Establishments Well

6 Landscaping Lessons That Can Serve Dining Establishments Well

For restaurant businesses, it is crucial to come up with ways to amplify the customer experience. It goes without saying that the high quality of menu items and services is a must. Operations should be efficient, and chefs need to be innovative. Other elements of the dining establishment, therefore, demand attention.

For instance, the storefront needs to be thoughtfully designed and arranged since it serves as the first ‘greeting’ of an establishment to incoming diners. Fine dining restaurants typically adorn their storefront with plants and flowers, which inspire relaxation and also induce conversation.

Aside from the storefront, the landscaping around the restaurant is a vital consideration as well, especially if al fresco dining is one of the offerings of the place. Top landscaping companies help make sure that the atmosphere of the restaurant complements the restaurant ambiance because first impressions really count.

Landscaping around the restaurant can be tricky, though, especially if you want the property to stand out. To ensure that it’s a functional and visually pleasing component of your business, here are six lessons to learn.

1. Include architectural elements that highlight the scenery.

If you wish to add a gazebo, bridge, water feature, or some other structure, it’s always better for it to highlight the scenery surrounding it. Quite often, people add sculpture and other decorative structures without taking into account that there may be lovely natural elements in the landscape that will be hidden from view.

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Avoid making this mistake and instead, come up with a more strategic placement after consulting with your landscapers.

2. Create a clean path.

If the landscaping is stunning, for sure, customers will want to pay the outdoor section of the restaurant a visit. Therefore, you need to have a walking path going toward the garden area. Perhaps lay down big tiles or flat stones, or pave the path with concrete.

Walkways or paths can add a bit more charm to the overall aesthetics of your restaurant, too. Plus, they provide your customers or guests the chance to soak up the atmosphere while admiring the beautifully-designed garden.

3. Choose plants that change through the seasons.

If you want your landscape to highlight the beauty of the changing seasons, opting for local horticultural treasures that morph in appearance as the weather changes is a wise thing to do.

Let your plants and flowers serve as natural decor that reveals the unique beauty of every season. With these, each season will feature a distinctive look that everybody can look forward to and never get tired of.

4. Make sure that there are no structures that block the sky.

For an outdoor area that radiates beauty throughout the day, there must be a clear view of the sky. According to a famous Japanese gardener, the view of the setting sun brings a different face of hospitality. It’s like an offering for greater relaxation and joy.

A well-landscaped space can put people in a much-needed contemplative state, which is rather pleasant while having afternoon tea or after-dinner coffee.

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5. Incorporate stone features.

Stones that come in a variety of shapes and features make lovely adornments for the landscape as well. They can be used to indicate height to create nicer space proportions. Stones can be used to recreate scenic spots such as mountains and even waterfalls.

There are so many ways to get creative with stones, especially if you follow Japanese gardening principles.

6. Add a water element.

A pond, fountain, artificial waterfall, and even a wading pool are worth having, especially in warm locations. In tropical locations, water features can help cool the outdoor climate, and the murmur of flowing or rippling water will also be a delight for the senses.

It is worth mentioning, too, that water elements can bring in a bit more whimsy to the area. Diners can take great delight in the birds drinking, and in the butterflies and dragonflies fluttering around the garden.

Great food, great views

There’s no denying that the restaurant industry thrives on the quality of its food, but establishments that last despite the fierce competition offer more than just properly served gastronomic treats.

Gorgeous interiors and a scenic outdoor view due to creative and smart landscaping can contribute significantly to creating the best customer experience, which locks in loyalty.

So, make sure to invest in these elements as well for your restaurant, no matter the size of your space.


Rachel Hennessey manages the Pools and Landscaping Division of Hennessey LLC. She also works on Tender and Pre-Qualification and brings in new business to the company’s Construction, Interiors, and Civils Division.

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